8 Amazing Ideas For A Gothic Inspired Home

Most of us want our homes to be well styled and attractive. We look up various magazines, web and various interior designs for the look of our homes. One of the amazing ways to style your home can be inspired from the famous Victorian age. The Gothic style inspired homes look rich, classy and absolutely magnificent. It is one of those styles which has everything in the right proportion and ways for a magnificent house. The Gothic style inspired home takes its inspiration from the Victorian times which has a dramatic look with elegance which makes your home stand out and look absolutely eye catching. There are a number of amazing ideas in which you can have a lovely Gothic inspired home.

Some Of These Ideas Have Been Mentioned Below

1. Elaborate Ceiling

The ceilings play an important and vital role in the Gothic homes. The ceilings shall be moulded and well designed. They shall have intricate designs which make the ceilings look elaborate and appealing. These days though high ceilings are not available you shall try to keep the ceilings at a height.

 Elaborate Ceiling

2. High End Fabric

The fabrics used at your home are one of the most essential and important things for the feel of a Gothic home. You shall use rich and high end fabrics for various decorations and accessories of your home. The materials like silk and velvet shall be used. These add a certain charm to the house.

High End Fabric

3. Chandelier

Chandeliers give the house a rich look and make the illumination feel grand. You shall opt for a pretty chandelier for at least the main area of your house. This gives a very rich and extremely classy look to your home. A chandelier also makes the home look very pretty.


4. Carved Furniture

We all use the most amazing furniture pieces for our homes which are stylish and classy. For a Gothic style home you shall use furniture pieces which have been carved. These look pretty and give a very retro look to your house. Moreover it adds to the charm and elegant look for the house.

Carved Furniture

5. Colours

The colours used in the house need to be taken special care of for a Gothic style house. You shall primarily use deep and dark shades of emerald green, deep burgundy, ruby red, and dark ocean blue. These help in getting the best look for a Gothic style home.


6. Antique Pieces

Showpieces are an integral and important part of the appearance of your home. These showpieces add life and look to your home. You shall enhance the look of your home with some amazing antique pieces for your home. These look absolutely stunning and rich.

Antique Pieces

7. Curtains

Curtains are important accessories for your home. For a Gothic inspired home you shall opt for the curtain styles which were used or in vogue during that phase. You shall opt for curtains which can be tied back, which have tassels or curtains which fringes. These will definitely help in getting the perfect look.


8. Accessories

The accessories of the house play a great role in getting the gothic inspired look for your homes. You shall use lamps and various accessories which are primarily made of iron, metal, wood and stone. These accessories will add to the vintage look.


These are a few ideas for a Gothic inspired home. It looks amazing as it is a great mix of drama and elegance.

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