7 Ways To Organize Your Small Laundry Room

Extra space in today’s houses, flats are non-existent. The lucky few though get small laundry room which is of course the place for giving your clothes some treatment. Basically, laundering clothes are part of daily household chores and some families have to get loads of clothes washed and pressed; that too when there is shortage of space. But have you seriously considered the idea laundry room organization? Well, let’s say you should before clothes and more clothes start piling up in your small laundry room. Worse, they leave you and the room in disarray. Therefore, consider these 7 ways of organizing your small laundry rooms.

Here Are 7 Ways To Organize Your Small Laundry Room

1. Stain Chart

Your user manual for stains just made your small laundry room informative. Of course the day starts with washing clothes but without any information about the stains. Time to get a stain chart hung on the small laundry room wall which compiles all the stain types and appropriate ways of cleaning. You also get to memorize less about stains overall.

Stain Chart

2. All-in-one Cart

Since working in small laundry room is an agenda, these are your saving grace. The cart has most of the laundry supplies including an ironing surface. The wheels will only make life less miserable.

All-in-one Cart

3. Penny Jar

How many times have you heard the clinking sound when the trouser is in your washing machine or have seen coins fumbling out of the pockets? The only way to keep them properly is a penny jar which can be attached or kept in any corner of the small laundry room. How is it organizing? Perhaps you will find the answer in the number of coin this jar gets filled with. There’s a “Save Dobby” socks box too that you can buy.

Penny Jar

4. Mounted On Pulleys

Absolute organization product for small laundry rooms, keeping a mounted on pulley in the bathroom will have the washed clothes at peace without taking too much space. The latest home designing companies are making a fortune out of them. Besides, this is very useful to dry clothes when it starts pouring unexpectedly.

Mounted On Pulleys

5. Kitchen Cabinet Utilization

If you have a kitchen space nearby that does not use the cabinets specifically designed for them, why not merge it with your laundry room; a helpful method to organize small laundry rooms. These cabinets will be of great use to store detergents and other laundry essentials. If space permits, you can station washing machine in this corner itself.

Kitchen Cabinet Utilization

6. Adjustable Laundry Closet

It’s time to use the wasted space between the walls with adjustable laundry closet. Your small laundry room will breathe some space for washing clothes provided you have laundry closet. To be even more creative, you can push a few benches inside to stack all the clothes. This way, not only is space created, there is also no involvement of any fancily priced fittings.

Adjustable Laundry Closet

7. Cloth Basket

Shame you did not realize the importance of these baskets yet. After a long workout session, or a hard day in the office, the clothes get sweaty and even murky at times. Sweat cloth basket addresses this issue with its latest collection of baskets. It is fairly portable and has enough space in it. You can check them out in all stationery stores.

Cloth Basket

The above mentioned ways to organize yourare surely going to make a huge difference in maintaining your laundry room. So, try them on.

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