7 Ways To Design A Kid Friendly Living Room

A home is never complete without its living room. It is one place that everyone loves. While elders prefer to relax and watch the TV here, kids love to loiter around with their toys. And when you think of kids, the foremost concern is safety. How many times have you worried about your kid bumping into the furniture spread in the living room or slipping on the floor? If your answer is always, it is time to think about a few kid-friendly living room ideas. However, being kid-friendly does not necessarily mean compromising on style.

Here Are A Few Tips And Tricks That Will Help You To Design A Kid-friendly Living Room:

1. Introduce Kid-Friendly Furniture

Begin with the furniture. Arrange sofas and tables along the walls. Leave enough floor space for the children to play. Choose coffee tables with rounded corners. If you already have a rectangular one with sharp edges, try to convert it into an upholstered ottoman. This not only enhances the look of the room but, also takes care of the children. Alternatively, you can place soft poufs that can act as coffee tables.

Introduce Kid-Friendly Furniture

2. Keep Special Couches For Children

The couches in the living room must suit your children’s needs. Since they tend to spoil a lot of things, try to choose leather couches or slip-covered ones. Stain resistant fabrics are also great options as it gives you an opportunity to wash off dirt easily.

Keep Special Couches For Children

3. Decorating The Walls

The walls are a favourite amongst kids. They love to draw on it, splash colours or simply scribble away to their heart’s content. It is therefore, necessary to have washable paint on your walls. You can select semi-gloss or satin paints for this job. Moreover, new washable paints make cleaning easier as it can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.

Decorating The Walls

4. Take Care Of The Flooring

Living floors must also be designed with care when you have children at home. Tiles, vinyl, laminated or wooden flooring can be great options. These can be easily cleaned or vacuumed as per your convenience. Try to keep a carpet on the floor. This will prevent kids from slipping. Rugs are also perfect for homes with pets and kids.

Take Care Of The Flooring

5. Choosing Accessories

When you have curious kids at home, keep fragile items out of their reach. Be careful about the kind of accessory you are choosing for your living room. Wooden items, books or objects made with shell and pinewood can be used for decorating your living room. Also, opt for high racks and shelves where you can keep valuable items away from children.

Choosing Accessories

6. Invest In A Showcase Cabinet

You may have many cherished knick-knacks that you like to keep in your living room but are forced to keep them locked away in a cupboard because of naughty kids. Well, in that case, invest in a cabinet with glass panels or a showcase unit which can be locked. Everything can be arranged in its shelves and will add to your décor.

Invest In A Showcase Cabinet

7. Make Arrangement For Versatile Seating

Expecting kids to only sit in sofas and chairs can often be disappointing. So, it is best to have versatile seating arrangement for your little ones. Keep soft couches, poufs, bean bags or small sofas for children. They will not only enjoy playing around them but also love the personalized seating areas designated for them.

Make Arrangement For Versatile Seating

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