7 Ways To Decorate Your Entire Home With Fairy Lights

Do you want to create magic? We are not talking about those illusions and tricks but the magic of fairy lights that can be brought into your life with fairy lights. It’s not necessary to decorate your home with fairy lights only during Christmas fest. Rather, you can add the magic of fairy lights into your everyday life. Most of the people believe that fairy lights can either be wrapped around poles and trees or hung above their terrace. But, there are a lot more things you can do with these tiny twinkling lights.

Want To Know How Fairy Lights Can Turn Your Home Into A magical place. Take A Ride Into Details With Us :

1. Snow Globe Terrariums

Make some winter themed terrariums with glass jars that can be bought online or from any store around you. These DIY terrariums will take only 10 minutes to get ready completely. You will also need some bottlebrush trees, doll house, vintage figurines, fake snow and LED fairy lights to decorate the terrariums.

Snow Globe Terrariums

2. Twinkling Hallway

You can make your hallway twinkle in not more than 15 minutes. It is the easiest way to make use of fairy lights to decorate your home. Bring home those tiny twinkling lights and paste multiple strands of fairy lights on the roof of your hallway making it more bright and lively.

Twinkling Hallway

3. Lighted Chandelier

Wrap the chandelier in your dining room with fairy lights. Bring home some fairy lights and wrap it nicely around your chandelier to give it a new and bright look. This is one of the best and easiest ways of using fairy lights to decorate your home.

Lighted Chandelier

4. Dixie Cup Light Garland

With these colorful Dixie cups, you can add color to the white fairy lights. By putting Dixie cups on each bulb, you can create a nice looking decorating piece. You can wrap it around a tree in your garden or put it around your staircase. Give your home a sweet and soft glow with these Dixie cup light garland.

Dixie Cup Light Garland

5. Framed Card Display

Why display your Christmas cards on a mantel like everyone does? Try something new this time. Find an empty frame and hand a string of fairy lights into it. Not you can clip your cards to the string using tiny clothespins. This is a brand new idea of showcasing your cards on the Christmas Eve.

Framed card display

6. Fairy Light Wall

Like you did in the framed card display, you can hang few strings of fairy lights on a wall of your home. Now clip your pictures to the string using tiny clothespins. With this, you can give a whole new look to your barren white wall. This is the best way to adorn your barren white wall with fairy lights. In this way, you can showcase your family pictures in more sorted manner.

Fairy Light Wall

7. DIY Christmas Tree Alternative

If you don’t have a space to adjust your Christmas tree, you can try this alternative. This alternative version of Christmas Tree looks just as beautiful as an original Christmas Tree. You just have to stack few twigs in vertical and descending order. To complete the look of Christmas tree, add fairy lights along their edges and decorate with some holiday greenery like frosted pinecones and pine needle sprigs.

DIY Christmas tree alternative

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