7 Ways To Decor Your Home For Easter


Spring the season, after winter and before summer in the month of March, April and May, in this season birds give birth to offspring, many flowers bloom and honeybees fly from one flower to another flower to suck the sweet nectar and transfer the pollen grains. Flowers of spring are tulips, lilies, allium, blue bell, dahlia, hawthorn with beautiful fragrances.  We have various occasions Baisakhi in Punjab, Poila Baisakh in West Bengal and Easter is one we celebrate at the same time in various parts of the world.

People who celebrate Easter aim to decorate their home with innovative items that can also be related to the spring season.

1. Flowers And Vases:

Various seasonal flowers of spring tulip, lilies gives an extremely fascinating aura to the flower vases and the room. Mason jars are used as flower vases hanged at the verandah or balconies with tulip flowers inserted in  it. Trays or bowls filled with water, tulips and lilies floating on water placed on the center table or at the lawn. Big vases with bouquets of flowers can be placed in the corner of the rooms. Dahlia, daisies are the flowers can be put in a large clean water glass that endure simple and refreshing.

Flowers And Vases

2. Eggs:

Symbol of Easter can defined through eggs. Eggs can be used in decorating in many ways, a basket full of mosses and glittered eggs placed on it. Colored eggs with various smileys can be made on it and placed on a glass or fibre trays. The top of the egg is pricked by a pin and inside is properly cleaned, different types of plastic or fibre made flowers inserted in the egg shell and placed on a colored egg brackets. Colored eggs can be placed inside a mason jar or candy jars that exhibits attractive swivel.


3. Chicks and Bunnies:

Bunnies and rabbits toys can be placed on the table, making a garland of faux spring branches and placing chicks toys circularly, hanged on the wall of a room. Pricked eggs and inside properly cleaned, insert the chick toys with the head projected outside giving an impression of hatched eggs, placed in the center of the table. Basket filled with birds nest with bunnies and eggs an easiest and simplest execution for Easter.

Chicks and Bunnies

4. Lights:

Indoor and outdoor lights that defines Easter. Magnificently designed eggs which inflates and lights up when plugged in.Easter candles and trees are also available to decor the indoor multicolored bunnies string lights are also found for inside of the room. Carrots, butterflies, lanterns are string lights which are used to decor the outdoor entrances, lawns and lobbies to brighten up the night.


5. Vegetables And Fruits:

Important place is the dining area which requires more attention to decor as people accumulate here to enjoy  food. Lemons cut into numerous halves and put in a glass jar full of water scatters a beautiful smell along with a mode of decoration. Bouquet can be made through the fruits such as grapes, bananas, cherries, strawberries etc. Tomatoes cut lengthwise into petals to make flowers and carrots to make bunnies, boiled eggs and cloves to make a chick. Vegetables and fruits are specifically used to beautify the dining and kitchen area.

Vegetables And Fruits

6. Rugs and Towels:

Easter rugs and door mats are available in the market to improve the floor decor. Rugs are of different sizes large and small to be placed at required situation. Hand towels to be placed on the plates can be of Easter eggs, bunnies pictures on the towels. Napkins of the kitchen, bathroom towels of the Easter theme gives an extended feature to the celebration.

Rugs and Towels

7. Teapots And Cups:

Dotted, polka printed mugs or bunny printed colorful cups, plates and tea pots can be used with Easter themed snacks such as cakes, cookies  and chocolates for tea parties.

Teapots And CupsSmall and innovative ideas can make the celebration of Easter more enthusiastic and enjoy the season of spring together


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