7 Ways How Wardrobes Can Totally Transform A Bedroom

Every bedroom needs a wardrobe to store bedding, clothing, accessories, books, and many more stuff. Wardrobe must improve the look of the bedroom with its style, shape, color and utility. You can buy the wardrobe according to your other furniture style and color. It should not be so heavy and bulky or lean. The wardrobe should be perfect in size and shape so that it can’t take huge space in the room.

Here Are 7 Ways How Wardrobes Can Totally Transform A Bedroom

1. Traditional Wardrobe

You can go for the traditional one which has huge space inside. It has a separate space for hanging clothes and coats, bottom drawers with locks, inside drawers, and extra space in the door. You can hang ties and napkins in the door hooks. This wardrobe should be in white color or neutral color. That wardrobe must look stylish and spacious.

Traditional Wardrobe

2. Wall Mirrored Wardrobe

This wardrobe is ideal for the small bedroom. Use a wall to set a wall wardrobe with mirror. The mirror will help you to look your room bigger than it is by its reflection. You can make its door as the sliding one or pull out the door. The size of the wall wardrobe will depend on the size, shape and space of the room. It will be better if you select the color neutral. The reason is it will make your bedroom brighter.

Wall Mirrored Wardrobe

3. Fixed Wardrobe

Are you wondering if you can arrange a wardrobe which is the extension of your loft? Well, it is possible. You can arrange a built-in wardrobe. This wardrobe will be hard and durable. The wardrobe material will be wood or sturdy plywood. You can color it in neutral or white but it also looks good in bright colors. Paint it according to your bedroom design and decor.

Fixed Wardrobe

4. Tailored Bedroom Storage Wardrobe

Tailor made wardrobe is ideal for odd-shaped bedrooms. If you can hire a carpenter or a wardrobe designer, he will definitely provide you a solution. Your storage will add to the wardrobe and you will get a massive space for the essentials. If you feel awkward with the hard cupboard doors row then you can select mirror door or frosted glass door.

Tailored Bedroom Storage Wardrobe

5. Freestanding Wardrobe

If you feel that your large size wardrobe taking a huge space in the room then get one or two freestanding wardrobes. It looks slim and takes small space. You can place two slim freestanding wardrobes in two sides and in the middle place a storage table. Choose the color of the wardrobe according to your bed.

Freestanding Wardrobe

6. Mirrored Door Wardrobe

You can select a mirror door wardrobe which can reflect the image of your room. This way you will create an illusion of a bigger room than it is. This type of wardrobe looks great in the room. You can buy a giant wardrobe with mirror if you have a large bedroom or you can place a thin but broad width wardrobe in the small room to make it larger.

Mirrored Door Wardrobe

7. Contemporary Sophisticated Wardrobe

There are plenty of ready made contemporary wardrobes available in the market. These wardrobes are made with wood, plywood, wood-material and other modern materials. These are available in great shape and color. You can buy one and place it on a colorful wall. These wardrobes are shiny and have high finishing with good quality.

Contemporary Sophisticated Wardrobe

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