7 Uniques U-Shaped Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens

Kitchens are rooms which play a crucial role in our lives. This is where not only cooking but many discussions happen. This is the place from where health of the homes originates. A beautiful planned kitchen makes working, a pleasure filled experience. Kitchens, by virtue of the nature of work performed in it, needs to be hygienic and so even small kitchens, if well planned can be maintained in a hygienic as well as disciplined manner.

Here Are Some Ideas To Create Unique U-shaped Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens

1. Dark Cabinet White Islands

With the single side wall of the kitchen on the extreme end of the formation, a U shaped kitchen can be set very easily. Recessed cabinet panels, an under-mount sink and dark colored wooden cabinets will add to the splendor of subway tile backsplash. The theme of such kitchen can be dark colored cabinet with whitish islands. The stylish tiles on the floor will add to the ambience of the overall setup of the kitchen. When accessories that fill the kitchen are bought to fit in the colour combination, the kitchen becomes highly appealing.

Dark Cabinet White Islands

2. White Themed U Shaped Kitchen

White themed U shaped kitchens have everything in white making it look brighter and larger. Right from the closets and accessory stands, the kitchen appears spic and span with white radiating enormous shine all over. Maintained properly, this kitchen will make every guest a green eyed monster. Fixing electronic items in a contract manner will project a different look while white colored electronics will make the kitchen completely white

White Themed U Shaped Kitchen

3. Small Cream kitchens

Painting small u shaped kitchens in cream colour will give a sombre look to the kitchen making the environment a serene one. Cream colour adds to the kitchen’s activities in such a mild manner that it appears a perfect place to spend the hygienic time in. Cream colour creates a cozy feeling particularly when the kitchen space is small and U shaped. Accessories and utensils brought to suit the colour of the kitchen will add to the idea making it interesting and creative

Small Cream kitchens

4. Colorful Kitchens

Using mix and match of colours for wooden surfaces and metal surfaces enlivens the kitchen. Bold and shiny colours make the very look of the kitchen bright and spacious. It makes working in the kitchen a lively activity contributing to the energy levels in an indirect manner through its radiance. Particularly Dark Red wood finish and metallic grey finish adds to the spice. Colors can be chosen as per one’s personal taste and reflection of the people residing in the house which will in turn spread warmth across the house.

Colorful Kitchens

5. Space Saving U Shaped Small Kitchen

Small sized U shaped kitchens must be planned in such a manner to accommodate optimal utilization of available space to make the kitchen maximum comfortable. The fixtures and positions must be well planned to accommodate all items that may be required in the kitchen frequently. The accessories and storage must be kept in space aptly planned for them. Planning in such an optimal manner would enhance the space management in an efficient manner. Space saving techniques can be researched in the net or taking the help of architecture specialists who will be able to provide the exact ideas that will suit your requirement

Space Saving U Shaped Small Kitchen

6. Hidden Kitchen

Using Viroc and Wood Pop that opens when pushed mildly, even a small kitchen can be made to accommodate more than its capacity. Everything can be made hidden as well as multi purposed including dish washers, refrigerators, seats and tables. When unused the kitchen will look closets all over the walls on all the three sides and when required the space could be optimally used. Decide right at the planning stage about all the possibilities in creating such a hidden kitchen which would act as a wonderful creative idea. Hidden kitchen provides so much of private space that it can used for storing some precious things also that may not be safe in other areas of the house

Hidden Kitchen

7. Colourful Custom U Shaped Small Kitchen

The U shaped kitchen can be made to accommodate everything that is needed in a custom kitchen by inserting a ground to ceiling open cabinet on all sides close to the walls. This not only helps maintain a kitchen complete on all aspects but also helps use space to the optimum levels. Separate rows allotted for glass accessories, cookery books, Micro wave utensils and groceries gives the look of custom kitchen making cooking a complete experience. These shelves can be made of wood or a permanent cement structures for perpetual use.

Colourful Custom U Shaped Small Kitchen

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