7 Surprising Inexpensive Living Room Ideas You Will Love

Living rooms are indeed the face of the house and makes the first impact on the person visiting your home and yes, it should be speck and span and most importantly stylish. However, to decorate of stylize your living room it is not always necessary to engage an interior designer or to spend thousands to buy stuff. Instead, you can simple add and delete certain elements and see the difference it makes, all without a hole into your pant!

Here Are 7 Surprising Inexpensive Living Room Ideas You Will Love

1. Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors have been since ages used to create an impact on any room and make it look better than what it was. Here, we didn’t do anything different. Rather, we used a differently shaped mirror and placed in onto the vintage look fireplace in the living area. In case you want to secure it, use a huge full length mirror and adjust it against the wall so that it does not fall off if accidentally kicked!

Mirror On The Wall

2. Sofa Covers That Are Easily Removed And Changed

In case your living room boast of a sofa set and you are bored with the same look, think not to change it, instead try out getting covers for the old one in different colors and mix and match. Play with your imagination while keep the cushion covers same for the appeal. You can even mix sofa’s with one another that are available in the house to keep the relaxed look intact.

Sofa Covers That Are Easily Removed And Changed

3. Create A Gallery In The Living Area

Just above your sofa set, why not create a photo gallery using all the photos or the special memories that you have till date? It would not only give your guests a sneak peek into your loving family life but also help you drool over the great life you have, given most of us spend time in our living areas more! Use old and cheap frames of different shapes and you are good to go!

Create A Gallery In The Living Area

4. Think Second Hand To Save Your Penny

Before you end up buying expensive furniture just to “up” the style quotient and the boredom of your living room, think twice. Can’t you get equally great ones if bought from the antique shops or the online second hand sites? Paint them in the color of your choice and you would be great to go guys!

Think Second Hand To Save Your Penny

5. Upgrade The Fireplace

Fireplaces are and have been integral to the living room area and in case you boast of one and are thinking to upgrade your living area with a change of furnishing or just about anything, try out lining the boring fireplace with wood. Color them, get them engraved, whatever, choose wisely as they can turn into the focal point and style factor to the room with ease.

Upgrade The Fireplace

6. Living Room With Colorful Accessories

In case you feel that you want to lift up the look of your living room, it is not only that you can do so by adding big elements or changing the entire furnishings of a room. Instead, you can add the charm by accessorizing with colorful elements such as changing the boring cushion covers, adding colorful lights and adding colored frames and side lamps!

Living Room With Colorful Accessories

7. Think Wall Stickers

To upgrade the look of your living area, you need not repaint the room all over again, spending money and energy into it. Instead, add a different feel by using wall stickers which looks chic and great too!

Think Wall Stickers

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