7 Stylish Sunken Living Room Designs For A Contemporary Home


7 Stylish Sunken Living Room Designs For A Contemporary Home

A step down living room is classic, modern and stylish. Although a sunken living room might seem retro today, it was quite a rage some time ago. The step-down style was at its peak in the 70’s, but soon its popularity tapered off. Today, the homeowners and designers are bringing back this style for practical purposes. The openness and invitational spirit these living room designs create is matchless. It easily stands out as the most defining spot of your house. Though the concept is nothing new, designers have brought a revolution to the idea with the combination of style, colors and elegance so that they are no longer a show place or drab, but more functional. Here we have listed seven spectacular sunken living room designs to show how beautifully they change the atmosphere of the room and add aesthetic value to your home.

Sunken Living Room Designs:

 1. Simple

A sunken living room need not necessarily be gaudy to look attractive and impressive. Even the simple style with white and grey color tones with minimal displays will look attractive and comfortable. Keeping it simple without overdoing it is quite a style!


2. Vivid Colours

If you want to make your living room the most cheerful place in your home, then play with the colors. It is not always true that you can create lively and joyful interiors only if you paint the walls with bright shades. The same vibe can be created by including colorful cushions, accessories, throws, decorative chairs and curtains. Let the sun rays shine fully through the windows to add more fun to the interiors.

Vivid Colours

3. Modern

The modern designs are stunning, captivating and creative. While most of the traditional sunken living rooms have built-in seating, the modern ones are designed with normal movable contemporary furniture of your choice. You can incorporate all the elements you want to have and make it a reflection of your stylish personality.


4. Bold

Subtle designs are cool and classic, but bold is dramatic and impressive. So, just go for a mix of bright and bold combination of colors and patterns to make your sunken living room, which is perfect to brighten your mood, energize you and make you feel as if you are in a completely different place.


5. Deconstruct

If you want your sunken living room to look completely unique and eye-catching and still become the most comfortable place to chill out with friends, then just deconstruct the concept. Go for floor seating by throwing a few cushions around and inside the carpeted sunken area. It will look casual, cozy and charming. A fireplace will add the required atmosphere without a doubt.


6. Curved Sunken Design

Sunken pit is an exceptional approach to define a separate area in your living room without using walls. An inviting lower-level circular seating area seems incredibly stylish and intimate, although it is still a part of a large space. The recessed floor along with the curved seating on the floor and the circular pattern on the ceiling creates an intimate and cozy place to repose.

Curved Sunken Design

7. Antefocus Central

Antefocus Central is a wall mounted fireplace that was designed in 1967 by Dominique Imbert. It is built in raw steel with welding seams that are visible. A sunken pit in front of this fireplace adds depth and drama to your living room. The fireplace and the sunken pit offer an alluring décor to the ambiance of the room. It is an ideal space to entertain your friends, and family.

Antefocus Central


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