7 Stylish Floor Lamps For The Modern Look Of Your Drawing Room

Lamps are the best source of illumination for bookworms and avid story book readers who like to read a little before going to bed. There is one more thing though that lamps do real well; add style and refined look in your living room. In an unprecedented development in the interior designing world, the latest styles of lamps are a definite advancement from the traditional one-bulb only lamps. You also do not see the use of wrought iron lamps anymore. To find out more, we throw light on 7 stylish lamps that would give modern look in your living room. Ready? Lights On. Click!

Here Are 7 Stylish Floor Lamps For The Modern Look Of Your Drawing Room

1. Factory Style Lighting Lamp

This one adds oodles of modernity using one of the most used lighting system albeit only in factories. Factory style lamps for drawing room draw attention due to its simplistic use of two components; glass and steel. While the steel is for its base and bar, glass vase covering the bulb looks totally intrinsically detailed. Another style twist to the lamp is the use of earlier designed bulbs. As for providing subtle and minimal lighting, factory style lamp with one bulb is pretty effective.

Factory Style Lighting Lamp

2. Knitted Rattan Lamps

This is creativity at its best. Your living room will be housing a piece of not just illumination but also some tropic vegetation. Rattan is known to have long stems that are used to make Malacca cane and when the same is knitted around bulbs in melon like shape, it becomes one of the less seen modern and stylish lamps. Some more detailing with leaves in the “stem” of the lamp bar gives even more realistic look.

Knitted Rattan Lamps

3. Industrial Tripod Lamp Holder

This will be a show stealer and focal point of your drawing room. Industrial tripod lamps are all you have seen only in shooting locations. It’s now time to bring them home. It looks killer with the combo of wooden tripod with metal toe tips and chrome finish metal head. Not just the appearance; with an adjustable spotlight style head, the light can be literally thrown to the desired area.

Industrial Tripod Lamp Holder

4. Twin Floor Lamps

Two is always tango and twin floor lamps in the drawing room will certainly not leave an area dingy. The trend may not be latest but the style and look that you get is silently modern. To add greater compatibility, bring in the traditional floor lamp that has shade similar paddy field worker’s hat.

Twin Floor Lamps

5. LED Lamps

Talk about being modern, LED lamps cannot be omitted from the list stylish lamps for drawing rooms. Call it the LED factor or something else, these lamps have some great modified designs like spiral bars and even pine tree.

LED Lamps

6. 3 Lamp Arc Floor Lamp

The triplet of lamps in single beam provides proportionate lighting in the living room. The arc gives you “over the shoulder” illumination and looks brilliant any design you choose. Again, three-lamp arc floor lamp is yet to be added in many living. You still have a shot at having a uniquely stylized living room.

3 Lamp Arc Floor Lamp

7. Ornate Lamps

The old fashioned way of stylizing the living room is by using elaborately designed lamps. Little or no design changes are seen in the shades. It is the bar or stand that has all the cuts and curves. Traditionally, ornate lamps with wooden base do the trick, always.
Ornate Lamps

The above mentioned lighting option are surely going to brighten your home and your life. So, try them out!

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