7 Stylish Dorm Room Ideas

Summer is going to end and you must be preparing yourself for the college season. When you are going to leave your home for the first time you must be upset. Well, you can make your hostel dorm room more comfy to make few changes. Just decorate your portion of the dorm so that you feel like home.

Here Are 7 Stylish Dorm Room Ideas

1. Use A Rug

Linoleum cold floors are not at all comfortable. In fact, it can’t give the warm feeling. So, you can cover that floor with a bright colour attractive furry rug. You can choose the pattern. But don’t make it too large which can’t fit in such small space. Do it for yourself. Never use any rug that you love most or you have any emotion. Remember, you are not at all and you have roommates.

Use A Rug

2. Choose A Table Lamp

Schools and colleges mostly supply a ho-hum desk lamp with other furniture. You can change that lamp with a style lamp. This has unique design, bright light and helps with lighting your area. You can buy a simple and stylish table lamp in the moderate price range. Just decide what is your budget and style.

Choose A Table Lamp

3. Rug On Chair

You can add a comfortable, cozy rug on your chair. You must spend maximum time on the chair so it should be little textured and furry like a warm blanket. You can buy it from the market or else you can take it from your home. You can also add a cushion on your back when you sit. Use a soft cushion cover. Bring the covers if you have extra at your home to feel homely atmosphere.

Rug On Chair

4. Lots Of Pillows

You can add more colourful pillows and cushion on your dorm bed. Literally in dorm bed is the only seating options. So you can make it textured and comfortable with attractive colourful pillows. Soon your place will be your friends’ favourite place to hang out. The reason will be they can take the rest on your comfy bed.

Lots Of Pillows

5. Frame A Poster

Decorate your space with iconic photos and posters. Use a low price frame and frame it on the wall. But ensure that the wall should not be damaged. You can also keep small photo frames of your friends and family. Photos and pictures look very nice and give a glossy look in the dorm room. You will feel homely whenever you will miss your near ones. Leave it the idea of framing posters. Hang a big photo frame on the wall where you can attach pictures of your dear ones.

Frame A Poster

6. Hide Unpleasant Essentials

There must be many essential items which you don’t want to be seen. Dorm rooms are small and you have to accommodate your all stuff. So it is better to hide those important things in baskets or boxes. Place those baskets and boxes on the bookshelves to make it handy. This way you will keep your room clean and clear.

Hide Unpleasant Essentials

7. Lamp Shade

Buy a clear socket kit with an attractive lamp shade and cord. Hang that socket from the ceiling and attach the lamp shade. You can give a different bright look to your dorm by this lamp shade. The lampshade can be coloured or just white. It will be an added advantage that you can do study under that light on the bed.

Lamp Shade

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