7 Steps To Create the Perfect Hanging Herb Garden

It doesn’t matter whether you have home with a huge garden, small garden or no garden at all, keeping fresh herbs and spices handy all year round is possible with this idea of hanging herb garden. You can grow these herbs in any small corner of your home. They are easy to maintain and makes your food savory and flavorful. A hanging herb garden will not only serve you with delicious food without rushing to the groceries but will also brighten up your home, purify the air and spread a nice aroma in every corner of your home. Here is a simple guide to help you create a unique hanging herb garden to add green life and ambiance to a small space, whether it is your porch, balcony, kitchen window or ceiling.

Here Are 7 Steps To Create the Perfect Hanging Herb Garden

Step 1: Choose A Sturdy Container

You have to choose sturdy containers for hanging planters which can hold the weight of the plant, constant moisture and strong winds. Whether you are putting them in a basket, container or small pots, you have to take them down for maintenance, health checks and trimming etc. All these processes can break the planter, if they are not sturdy enough.

Choose A Sturdy Container

Step 2: Basic Types Of Hanging Planters

There are several ways you can create a hanging herb garden. You can use a wall for hanging the planters, you can display several herbs that thrive with each other from the ceiling of your porch or balcony in a basket or wooden box planter or use small wooden bowls, empty cans, mason jars etc. from railing of the balcony or create upside down planters which hang from ceiling. The style you choose depends upon the space available and aesthetic setup of your home.

Basic Types Of Hanging Planters

Step 3: Choose Right Location

You might be looking for a sunny location for your hanging herb garden. But this is not always necessary. There are some herbs that thrive easily with little sun. So, you can create a herb garden in the corners that remains shaded most of the time. If this is the case, pot up herbs that will thrive easily or rotate your herbs alternatively to sunny and shady location, like three days in a week in the sun and three days in shady location. This rotation can also protect the herbs from scorching heat. Choose a location that is easily accessible to you.

Choose Right Location

Step 4: Hanging Herb Baskets

Though the best herbs for hanging basket are those that can be grown in potted environment, but mostly all types of herbs can be grown in a hanging basket, provided they get proper drainage and growing conditions. However, the best choice for a hanging basket is parsley, thyme, lavender, rosemary, mint basil, oregano and dill.

Hanging Herb Baskets

Step 5: Ways To Plant Herb In A Basket

You can use any type of basket, but if you want some variety, wire-type basket will be the right choice and the size of the basket should be at least 10 inches in diameter. You will need multipurpose potting mix for growing the herbs. Choose a wall or spot that receives enough sunlight (at least 4-6 hours of sunlight) and can shelter the plants from strong winds. Make drainage hole in the base of the basket. Now fill the bottom of the basket with a layer of very lightweight potting mix. Then position the herbs from the pots to the basket with tallest in the center and the rest where they will look their best, spacing close together 2-3 inches apart. Fill in the gaps with additional potting mix, water thoroughly and hang the basket on a sturdy hook.

Ways To Plant Herb In A Basket

Step 6: Maintaining Your Herbs

Your herbal basket will need constant watering and monitoring. So choose a place you can reach comfortably and easily. Fully potted and watered hanging basket will be quite heavy. So, your hooks need to be sturdy and attached properly. You can use a hook with retractable cord to raise them up and pull them up conveniently and avoid any accident.

Maintaining Your Herbs

Step 7: Upside Down Hanging Herb Garden

Upside down planters are really beautiful and fascinating. You can make them with leftover containers; best among them are tin cans with plastic lids. (Coffee or coca tin) or plastic bottles etc. Make some holes in the bottom of the can. And also make holes on either side of the top of the can for hanging. Put the bottom of the can on a coffee filter and cut it out. With the help of the can opener remove the bottom of the can and make a hole in the center with a nail and hammer or a drill large enough to hold the plant. Do the same for can lids. Now fill the can with potted soil and place the herb, with filter around it. Cover it with the lid and secure with duct tape. Decorate the can with paint or fabric. For hanging the planter, use wire looping at both ends.

Upside Down Hanging Herb Garden

There are many more options for a hanging herb garden. You can hang them on a wall. Fix them on pallet, wooden boards. Use your creativity to create a beautiful herb garden.

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