7 Room Ideas That Perfectly Embody Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decor has become everyone’s favorite these days. Some people love to give Farmhouse look to their complete home and others have at least a room with this rustic look. Even after you know how a farmhouse looks, you need to have a proper guidance so that nothing goes wrong. The primary colors, chicken wire accents, and distressed finishes can completely change your modern looking home to a Farmhouse. The farmhouse isn’t something you can buy online or can create by just snapping your fingers. You need to make some efforts to get that look.

Do You Want To Give Your Home A Farmhouse Look? We Have Brought Top Seven Ideas That Perfectly Embody The Farmhouse:

1. Solid Bones 

Why not give your kitchen a farmhouse rustic look where you spend a lot of time cooking food for your family? Wooden windows galore, exposed beams and a huge wooden island that offers a space for your cast iron utensils, contribute to providing a warm farmhouse look to your kitchen. You can give a light blue accent to your kitchen as shown in this picture to add a hint of playfulness.

Solid Bones

2. Dairy Farm Dining Room

Hang an antique poster like a cow poster hanging in this dining room which was once a dairy farm. Change your modern dining table with a barn-wood table that is set with worn flatware, stoneware, and enamelware. This is a perfect way to keep with the comfortable informality of your home. You can also change your modern bone china dining set with rustic looking dining set to add a little more rustic look to your dining room.

Dairy Farm Dining Room

3. Hand-Pump Faucet

You can add a rustic farmhouse look with changing your faucet with this hand-pump faucet in your kitchen. If you think it’s not enough, change your curtain with a curtain that is dishtowel edged in crocheted chicks and hens.

Hand-Pump Faucet

4. Cozy Quarters

Make your guest room look a farmhouse’s guest room by adding little details like antique beds, layered rag rugs and mismatched quilts. A white painted wooden guest room with colored rugs, quilts and cushions make it a beautiful farmhouse guest house.

Cozy Quarters

5. Rustic Cupboards

Those fine-finished wood cupboards in your kitchen or dining area can be changed with a vintage-style small cabinet. This vintage-looking cabinet is made with rough woods painted white. The white painted cabinet can nicely showcase your blue and white dishware.

Rustic Cupboards

6. Daughter’s Room

Has your demanded a new look for her room? Give her room a rustic farmhouse look and finishing it with her favorite pink and green paints. This room has a historic Victorian farmhouse look with her favorite light pink painted walls and rustic green bed. A rustic dresser by the side of her bed and rag rug under her bed gives her room a perfect farmhouse look. Give her antique quilt a fresh look with graphic heart sheet.

Daughter’s room

7. Farmhouse Fireplace

To get a farmhouse look, you need to make some efforts by yourself. Replicate your current fireplace with a fireplace that resembles the farmhouse fireplace. You can also create a vintage mantel with reclaimed wood. If not possible, you can simply build it and use a farmhouse white paint to give it that rustic look.

Farmhouse fireplace

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