7 Relaxing And Cozy Pool Nooks To Get Inspired

What about 7 great beat the heat ideas of pool nooks this summer? Since you have been working too hard all the time in your regular day to day life, it is time to give yourself a great self-time to pamper and relax in the pool and outside pool as well. A decent pool nook is definitely required to give yourself total pampering and obviously to make everything cosy & comfortable. Not just it looks absolutely fabulous around the pool and spread thrilling vibes of a holiday but it also relaxes you and comforts you greatly. Invite all your friends and family to your stupendous pool party and see all of them admiring your ever stylish and awesome pool nook. Life is actually all about having a great time with your near and dear ones & to make your pool party a memorable one follow these 7 amazing pool nook ideas to get inspired and choose your own favourite amongst them:

1. Sun- Bathe Couches At The Corner:

Who wouldn’t love to get all tanned this summer? One of the best ways to get all tanned is to have sun-bathe couches alongside your pool. How convenient, right? Also make sure that you don’t forget to cover them with a comfortable fabric that is also durable because it also has to soak up water coming off your body. A side table for your favourite juice, beverages and snacks would be just perfect and classy!

2. Sea Shell Beds:

This look might look like that it is inspired from a Pixar’s Disney movie but it is actually a brilliant idea. Have these beautiful sea-shell shaped beds alongside your pool. Be it admiring the view or just chilling out with your pals, this pool nook idea is a perfect one. Don’t forget the uniqueness and comfortably of this one. You can have one, two or any number of these beds depending upon your needs and the space that you have left at the corner of your pool.

3. Buddha Sculpture:

Another amazing idea that gives an admirable view of your pool side is having a Buddha sculpture just at the entrance of your pool. Not only utter peace does it gives but also it is one of the best ideas of a classic and fine home decor. Setting the size of the sculpture is totally up to you. You can add further detailing to make it look even classier.

4. A Garden Chair:

Have a little & beautiful garden of your own around your pool. This idea is a perfect one for those who are admirers of nature. You can also add a little sofa in between your garden to just relax and admire the view of your amazing pool. Put comfy cushions around and forget the world relaxing at your own pool nook.

5. Dining Area Around The Pool:

How wonderful it feels to have your meals with your loved ones around such an awesome ambience. Make this one yours & it is even very easy to do so. All you have to do is to arrange a dining area around your pool.

6. Snooker Table:

This idea is especially for those who love to spend time with their loved ones in a wonderful ambience. Have a match of snooker around your pool to make your experience even more amazing and sporty.

Snooker Table

7. Swing Around The Pool:

Enjoy chilling with your friends and family & make your time spent memorable on this swing around your amazing pool.

Swing Around The Pool

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