7 Perfect Ways To Decorate Outdoor Space With Wooden Tiles

Wooden flooring or wooden furniture makes your house looks cozy and if you have an extra outdoor place, which you want to furnish and change the look of it, then decorating with the wooden tiles or other things is a perfect idea. It will make your outdoor space look beautiful and rich. It will also give a positive vibe and you can spend your evenings, sitting and chilling there. The wooden flooring will add a lot of richness to the place and you can also use various classic color palettes to make it look better. Everyone wants a small corner in their house where they can be alone to think, read or do nothing. This outer space can be that area. Make it look beautiful and deck it up with some cushions and some proper seating arrangements so that the area looks classic and attractive.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Perfect Ways To Decorate Outdoor Space With Wooden Tiles

1. Make Wooden Passage And Have Yellow Cove Lights

This is a classic way of using wooden tiles in the outer space. If the area is long and you want to give it a contemporary feel, then it is the perfect thing to do. Make a wooden passage, alongside add some big or small pebbles, and have yellow cove lights. It looks beautiful without a doubt.

Make Wooden Passage And Have Yellow Cove Lights

2. The Classic Vintage Patio

This is an interesting thing to do with wooden tiles. If you have a big outer space or a courtyard that you want to convert into a sitting area then use the long wooden tiles as the floor and place them with some gap so that you can see the mud. Arrange all your sofas, lamps and center tables properly to make it look beautiful.

The Classic Vintage Patio

3. Use A Different Colored Wood For The Flooring

Seeing the same brown might bore a lot of people. Hence to make a difference in your outer space use the wooden flooring with a different color or a darker shade of brown, which is not very common. Arrange the area well to make it look great.

Use A Different Colored Wood For The Flooring

4. Arrange The Wooden Tiles In Different Form 

This is one of the coolest ways to set your flooring. Use the wooden flooring and arrange them in non-linear fashion. If the first one is vertical make the second tile horizontal. This will add little more drama to the space and it will look attractive.

Arrange The Wooden Tiles In Different Form

5. Skip Few Tiles And Fill It With Pebbles

While doing the wooden flooring in your outer space, if you want to make it look different then skip some tiles and add some stones or pebbles in its place. Make sure the pebbles are of the same color or white. It looks really nice.

Skip Few Tiles And Fill It With Pebbles

6. The Wooden Stepping Stones

This is another cool idea, which you can easily incorporate in your outer space. It is also very simple and all it needs is proper wooden tiles or wooden planks. You can use them in your garden and create the stepping-stones.

The Wooden Stepping Stones

7. Wooden Passage

Wooden passage in the waiting area in your outer space looks very classy. You can always add a lot of things to make it look beautiful with those wooden tiles. You can add pebbles or some neutral colors to make it look sophisticated.

Wooden Passage

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