7 Mystical Moroccan Décor Ideas For Your Living Room


The East has always mesmerized us with its riddles and secrets, its interiors and architecture, which are filled with beauty and exquisiteness. Moroccan interiors are inspired by colors, architecture and the culture of the region. The style is rich, bold, lively, cozy, luxurious and exotic. The décor pieces like runners and rug, pretty candle lanterns, the traditional fireplace, hookahs and low tables create a relaxing atmosphere. If you want to bring this bright and plush style to your living room, here are a few tips to help you out. Read onto know how to bring in Moroccan vibe at your home without altering it much.

Moroccan Living Room Décor Ideas

1. Bold Colors

Bold and brilliant color palette against a neutral or loud background is a unique and more noticeable feature of Moroccan interiors. So paint your living room walls with either ocean or desert hues and accessorize it with rich colors such as reds, orange, yellow, green, gold, etc for a striking contrast. Going for colorful accent walls with warm colors is also a brilliant idea. These color choices are something a happy person would definitely love to use for his/her home.

Bold Colors

2. Furniture

Intricately carved and curved furniture upholstered with posh fabric is Moroccan style. Ironwork and mosaic furniture are yet another staple of Moroccan interior. Painted furniture with intricate craftsmanship is also very much Moroccan. Lush couches, antique coffee tables, carved seat bases, delicately designed side tables, poufs, chests, low type seating are all very common in Moroccan living rooms.


3. Rugs

Morocco is popular for its world class rugs. The traditional Moroccan rugs with unique motifs, geometric patterns, rich colors, delicate embroidery are just enough to create Moroccan vibe in your living room. Whether you spread an authentic Moroccan rug on the floor or hang it on the wall as a wall art, it will enrich your living room and make it look extraordinary.


4. Cushions

Cushions are an interesting part of the Moroccan interiors because of their patterns, fabric, colors and shapes. Be it floor cushions, throws, lounge cushions, poufs or bolsters, the exuberant patterns and the vivid colors create Moroccan style to full effect and make the room a fun and cool place.


5. Lanterns And Lamps

Lanterns are an easily recognizable element in the Moroccan design style. Carefully designed metallic lanterns that cast wonderful shadows when hung down from the ceiling will make the room look special, especially during evenings. Whether hung in a cluster in the corner of a room or as a focal point at the center, these lanterns make cute Moroccan accessories in your living room.

Lanterns And Lamps

6. Flowing Moroccan Drapes

The Moroccan drapes and curtains are in style these days. These flowing silk drapes from ceiling to floor are a tasteful addition, if you are planning to decorate your living room in a Moroccan style. A glance at the intricate and gorgeous Moroccan prints in lovely colors and textures can turn even a plain room into a tasteful one leaving everyone spellbound.

Flowing Moroccan Drapes

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of Moroccan themes, so placing a decorative mirror of large size on one of the living room walls will draw attention to the grandeur of the interiors. Alternatively, you can place mirrors of different geometric patterns, which will add charm and tantalize your living room décor. The handmade Moroccan mirrors with filigree designs and embossed silver patterns is indeed a true piece of art and helps you give that authentic Moroccan touch to your living room.


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