7 Lovely DIY Garden Pathway Ideas

Gardens are beautiful places for relaxing from the trials and tabulations faced in our day to day life. Time spent in the garden heals the full day’s woes relaxing us physically and mentally. A walk in the garden makes us fresh and prepares us to face the next ordeal waiting outside the door. Pathways enable such healthy refreshing walks. Designing these pathways in different ways fitting our taste will give a personal touch to the environment and make walking a pleasure than exercise.

Some Creative Ideas For Garden Pathways Are Given Below

1. Wood Slabs From Trees

A downed tree can be used as a pathway after making it usable or small pieces of wood can be cut in required shapes from such downed trees and fixed in the mud. These small pieces of wood can be sealed or painted with rust free paints so that they don’t wear out because of different weather conditions. These can fixed in stiff soil so they don’t get submerges inside the soil over a period of walking.

Wood Slabs From Trees

2. Brick Paths

Bricks make a good material to lay garden pathways. Different colored and sized bricks can be used for creating pathways in different areas parts of the garden. Bricks used alongside small plants in the pathways make them serve as protection to these plants as well as serves decoration purposes too. Bricks are easily available and economical compared to other materials that can be used to lay Garden pathways

Brick Paths

3. Gravel Wood Board Path Way

Putting wooden planks over gravel stone spread across the pathway will make a good safe pathway in the garden. Placing wooden logs close to each on both sides of the pathway not only earmarks it but also adds to the ambience when lights are fixed over them in a dimly lit manner. The gravel pathway with stone slabs and wooden planks in between gives a rustic finish to the garden

Gravel Wood Board Path Way

4. Landscape Garden Path

When the garden floor is uneven, maintaining it in the same way, fixing large wooden logs to the ground which would not give away while stepping on them will be a good idea. While this gives a nostalgic look, it also offers good exercise and walking in an environment very close to nature. The expertise of professionals can be taken to create landscape garden pathways

Landscape Garden Path

5. Pavers Step Pathway

Putting huge round stones in round shaped small sized pits dug in the garden will not only work as good walking path but also make the garden look very attractive. Depending on the size of the garden, as many stones may be fixed in designs preferred, giving it a personal touch

Pavers Step Pathway

6. Designer Pathways

Garden pathways can be made taking the help of designers available for the purpose. Different variety of stones can be used for this purpose. Once you decide on the pattern and design options provided to you by the professional designers, the laying out can be done in a perfect manner to fit your taste

Designer Pathways

7. Mosaic Pathways

Mosaics are stones that make a good garden pathway. Mosaics can be cut into shapes of your choice and painted with colours to suit the designs. Different design mosaic slabs fixed in different areas of the garden makes the garden a lively place to relax. These colorful mosaics add beauty to the garden full of greenery.

Mosaic Pathways

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