7 Kitchen Spots You’re Forgetting To Decorate

Kitchen is an important place of the house. People always show interest in decorating their living rooms, bedrooms and other parts of the house and kitchen is often ignored. Though people love the food cooked in the kitchen decorating the kitchen becomes least important. However if you want a beautiful house every part of the house has to be beautifully decorated. Decoration doesn’t always mean adding extra things and making the room look bright it is all about how best you are making use of the place available. Most of the times we tend to focus on areas which are easily visible and ignore some areas which are equally important.

Here Are 7 Kitchen Spots You’re Forgetting To Decorate

1. The Ceiling Of The Kitchen

Instead of having the same old plain ceilings you can add some color to it. You can also use various wallpapers depending on your choice and make it look beautiful. Adding a false ceiling is also a better option to have a trendy ceiling and giving your kitchen a new makeover. You will love cooking even more after having a beautiful kitchen with a beautiful ceiling.

The Ceiling Of The Kitchen

2. The Lighting Of The Kitchen

The lighting in a house is very important. In fact people prefer well ventilated houses or make use of various lamps to illuminate the room. Often the lighting of the kitchen is ignored. Adding proper lighting to the kitchen can help in enhancing the look of the kitchen. You can add hanging lamps or wall lamps to get that soft and bright look in the kitchen. Having better lighting will add a new edge to your kitchen.

The Lighting Of The Kitchen

3. Use Of Outdated Appliances

Having every area beautifully decorated if your kitchen appliances are old and not updated it completely ruins the look. Therefore, it becomes important to update your appliances regularly. Also having upgraded appliances will reduce the pain of extra preparation and maintenance of the appliances. You will also be familiar with the use of technology in all events will help you in admiring the process of sophistication.

Use Of Outdated Appliances

4. Congested kitchen Platforms

Kitchen platforms are often busy with various items such as kitchen appliances like toasters, juicers, blenders and various utensils used for cooking. Having a congested platform will give disorganized impression which is definitely unwanted in any kitchen. Therefore, take proper care about placing your appliances and utensils in right place rather than just spreading them everywhere on the platform.

Congested kitchen Platforms

5. The kitchen Floor

Kitchen is the most important place to keep clean. In this process we tend to wet the floor. This gives the risk of having a slippery floor which is not advisable therefore try to avoid wooden floors. Instead of which you can use anti-skid marbles or other stones for the flooring. You can also try to use the vacuum cleaner often rather than mobbing the floor as both give similar effects.

The kitchen Floor

6. Front Panels Of The Cupboards

All of us tend to have cupboards in the kitchen. You can always add a new color to your kitchen by having a trendy front panels of the cupboards rather than having the same old plain cupboards.

Front Panels Of The Cupboards

7. Above Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets always tend to become dirty when left unused therefore try to make use of this place or place a vase instead of leaving them empty.

Above Cabinets

The above mentioned will definitely help you in maintaining the style and hygiene of the kitchen. So, try them on!

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