7 Innovative Ways To Brighten Your Home With String Lights

If you are looking for a simple as well as inexpensive way to add a wonderful sparkle and instant dimension to your home or any particular room, adding some decorative string lights is a great way. These tricks and designs will work for all kinds of homes and rooms, whether you wish to upgrade a small dorm room or add extra oomph to your large living room. It is an excellent way to enhance the ambiance of your home without spending too much money or doing a lot of effort.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Decorating Your Home Using String Lights.

1. Showcase Your Memories

A great way to showcase your precious memories captured through photographs as well as add some accent lighting to a dark room is using string lights. Not only will it decorate and bedazzle your room but also give you a way to hang up and exhibit your favorite memories. Simply hang some string lights along a wall or above your bed and use few clothespins to hang your desired photographs.

Showcase Your Memories

2. Illuminate Your Mirror

A mirror is often the center of attraction of a room and brightening up the area with some additional lights will boost the magnetism even further. Not only will this help you in getting ready or doing makeup more effectively, but also make the room look bigger and brighter. Wrap beautiful string lights all around your mirror to brighten your reflection as well as beautify your room décor.

Illuminate Your Mirror

3. Glowing Headboard

Adding some beautiful string lights to your headboard will not only serve as some amazing mood lighting but also add a twinkling glow above your bed so you can have beautiful dreams all night long. Simply drape some multicolored string lights in any pattern on top of your headboard or even on the wall right above your bed and enjoy the romantic ambience.

Glowing Headboard

4. Hang Lights From The Ceiling

Want to give your bedroom ceiling an appearance of a beautiful night sky and don’t want to use those tacky stickers that we popular when you were little? Then adding string lights on the ceiling is a great way to make this possible. It will make your room look like it has an open sky top when the lights are switched off and make the entire room look extremely classy and elegant.

Hang Lights From The Ceiling

5. Illuminate Your Canopy

To give your sleeping corner an amazing upgrade, simply drape some twinkling lights over your canopy or hang few strands right behind the canopy to give your bedroom a cozy glow. Not only will this look incredible but will also provide a romantic ambience to the room by doubling up as soft nightlights.

Illuminate Your Canopy

6. Enlighten Your Work Space

Your work space is the place where you spend a large portion of your day. So it required some positive creative and productive vibes. Give your work space a nice illumination by hanging bright string lights. It will serve dual purpose; it will provide extra ambient light to help you do your best at work as well as make the space look inviting and energetic.

Enlighten Your Work Space

7. Sparkling Party Table

Want to welcome your dinner guests in style? Add some bright shimmering string light to the party table where you will be serving the food. This will make the table the center of attraction in any room and will provide amazing ambient lighting to make your party the talk of the town.

Sparkling Party Table

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