7 Innovative Kids Toy Storage Solutions

Kids love toys as they are the bed friends your little one can cuddle when asleep, play with when they have no one around. If it is toys especially the one which are your kids’ favorite and treasured; you had better not toy with the idea of storage. Besides, kids’ room is often found to be in a messy condition and the task to tidy-up the room takes almost forever to complete. But it seems the modern storage solutions have taken cue of parents worldwide and have come up with several toy storage solutions. Not just toys, some of them are so ergonomically designed that it lets you store other essentials as well.

Here Are 7 Innovative Kids Toy Storage Solutions

1. Stuffed Animal Zoo

Smart and also easy enough to become DIY storage solution; this zoo of stuffed animals is kind of a stopover for all kids toys. One or two crate boxes vertically placed, drill some holes to bind the bungee cords and make even spaces between them so you can take out and put the toys in the cage. Truthfully, it will be a stuffed toy zoo that your kids will surely love.

Stuffed Animal Zoo

2. Lego Storage

What does it do? It stops you from bothering you from packing all the pieces. Lego storage box is more like a bin that keeps Lego pieces in on place. That’s not about it. Use the bed cabinet space further and make drawer dividers using cardboards available in the craft store.

Lego Storage

3. Hot Wheels Car Carry Case

They are hot favorite toys that move faster than others and are harder to find than mice! The specially designed car case is a must-have if you have a boy fascinated about them since it has more than enough space to keep 48 toy cars. If not cars, it can be used for similar toys like motor bikes and airplane. Basically, there is a need for speed to bring this one so the fast and furious kids of your house don’t run screaming for missing toys!

Hot Wheels Car Carry Case

4. Wheeled Crate Box Toy Storage

The need for one of them is seriously felt when you don’t have a single storage space in the kid’s room or whenever the room is already stacked. The wheeled crate box is definitely an old fashioned idea but it is worth it. You can store the relatively big as well as small toys with much ease.

Wheeled Crate Box Toy Storage

5. Small Marked Buckets

A rather interesting way to segregate toys and other playables; small market buckets will also give a fair idea to kids about how to segregate their toys and craft tools. Just paint the name of the toys and tools to play with and they will surely figure it out.

Small Marked Buckets

6. Video Game Pouches

The kids of today have their eyes glued to videogames and gaming consoles. It will be a smart move to put videogame pouches in their bed corner for a quick storage area. Besides, if the gaming consoles get pushed by your sleepy kids, the pouch is there to bag it.

Video Game Pouches

7. Felt Storage Boxes

There is absolutely no reason to blow up lots of money if your budget does not permit you. Look for reasonable solutions like felt storage boxes that you cannot rule out for toy storage.

Felt Storage Boxes

The above mentioned storage solution will definitely help you in keeping your kid’s toys in an organized manner.

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