7 Incredible Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bedroom is a place where you can spend your expensive moments. It can be with your parents, wife or child, memories lasts so long. These memories can be more attractive if your bedroom is properly decorated not only with the small sculptures and plants but can be with the wall designs. We are talking about wallpaper that is used to cover walls. Let we look at the best of wallpapers which are best suits for your bedroom.

Here Are 7 Incredible Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

1. Boudoir Style Bedroom

This style of wallpaper design gives best attraction for your room. A metallic shade is used to add glamour to your bedroom. Just look at the picture and its wallpaper, it gives full white colored wall with small cutouts. If you want to give a convictional look to your bedroom, go for this wallpaper and I am sure other people will copy you.

Boudoir Style Bedroom

2. Vintage Designed Wallpaper

If you are vintage style lover, go for this classical 70’s era design. Your bedroom wall looks beautiful when you add a combination of floral pattern wallpaper with traditional furniture. You can dangle a paper around wall windows so that natural sun light will come directly without any disturbance. You can set your pillow set in contrast color so that it would be eye catching.

Vintage Designed Wallpaper

3. Yellow Wallpaper With Floral Motif

It has been studied that yellow color will directly affect your mood. Choosing yellow color in bedroom can be a good decision. It always gives you positive mind set. You can add white floral pattern with yellow color which will add extra attention. The color of your bed sheet and pillow would be off white so that it can partially matches with the floral design color and gives shaded effect to your bedroom.

Yellow Wallpaper With Floral Motif

4. Stacked Log Wallpaper

Now this can be a realistic thing. Stacked log wallpaper will gives you feel like you are standing in a redwood with wood log. This can be your clever punch as it gives you dedicated theme. If you want your room looks like alive, you can add few more themes with animals and birds. This wallpaper is best seen on slant wall of bedroom. Having stacked wallpaper can be a bold move but if you want well finished, warm and inviting room, go for it.

Stacked Log Wallpaper

5. Bold Orange Wallpaper

Orange color is known as an energetic color. Orange theme wallpaper in your bedroom gives you immense psychological energy. You can mix up orange color theme with white floral pattern. Try to apply this wallpaper in single wall than all walls as it gives more commanding look. You can balance a dark and light color combination by having white colored bed sheets and pillows.

Bold Orange Wallpaper

6. Striped Wallpaper

Every time you cannot please with floral pattern. That’s the reason we introduced you a striped pattern in pink and grey combination. You can give bold spectacular features to your wall with this big striped pattern. Use this striped wallpaper either partially or on whole wall. If your bedroom is small you can choose horizontal strip wallpaper and if you want psychological height, go for vertical stripes.

Striped Wallpaper

7. Rose Pattern Wallpaper

Till now we have seen the wallpaper with repeated pattern and design. We now are going to look at wallpaper which has a big flower pattern in entire wallpaper. There are many people who like such kind of single pattern wallpaper. You can choose single or couple of walls where you can use this wallpaper. Rose wallpaper gives you enough blossoms in bedroom. If you want classy look for your bedroom, stick to this wallpaper.

Rose Pattern Wallpaper

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