7 Impressive Ways To Decorate Your Garden With Tree Stumps


Decorate Your Garden With Tree Stumps

Stumps are usually considered as a garden waste and many of them wonder what to do with them. Often, a lot of money is spent on removing the tree stumps. However, there are better ways to make use of these in your garden. Stumpery artworks are amazing constituents of natural garden design. The tree stumps can be spectacular centerpieces for your garden and also harmonize the landscaping ideas. Then here are a few ideas to inspire you to transform the wasteful stump in the garden into the most beautiful décor. Read on, get inspired, let your imagination run and create masterpieces with the stumps in your garden.

Stumpery Garden Decorations:

1. Log Planter:

Long fallen log planters by the side of a flower bed or on the side of a walkway or as a focal point with colorful flowers on the lawn would look stunning. Hollow out the centre of the tree stump and fill it up with soil. Plant bright colored or colorful flowering plants to create a stunning visual appeal also you can plant some pretty flowers around the stump.

Log Planter

2. Pot Stand:

If you have half a stumped tree in your garden and you do not want to convert it into a natural planter, just convert it into a pot stand. Affix pots around the stump if it is of a good height and place some around it on the ground too. If the stump does not have enough height, just place one or two pots over the stump to create the effect of a flowering stump or just place a potted plant over the stump just like you do over a table top.

Pot Stand

3. Fairy Garden:

A fairy house or a fairy garden is a super cool décor you can create in your garden without spending much. Let your imagination run and create a masterpiece that would catch everyone’s eyes. Take the help of your children when you build the fanciful fairy garden. Add doors, windows, small plants, birds, ladder, cartoon characters, etc to make it interesting, appealing and attractive.

Fairy Garden

4. Furniture:

You don’t have to spend your money, time and efforts to dig out the unsightly tree stump from your garden, as they can be used to create whimsical garden furniture. Carve out the shape you want, simple to contemporary, chairs, tables, stools, etc to make the garden comfortable and attractive at the same time. They make inexpensive, eco-friendly, beautiful, quirky and one of the kind furniture in the garden.


5. Art Piece:

Tree stumps are an excellent material to carve out quirky, eco-friendly artistic decors and create amazing sculptures in the garden. Human faces, bird houses, scarecrow, animal figures, stick figures, mushrooms, insects, etc, left natural or painted with appropriate colors make the garden beautiful.


Art Piece

6. Moss:

Cover up the stump with moss, which can add to the greenery of the garden or plant different kinds of moss on the stump to create beautiful patterns of textures and colors. The stump should be in shady area, as moss grows well in areas that have lot of moisture and shade. Moss is an attractive alternative to plants and flowers and moreover they do not need much maintenance and can grow out of sunlight.


7. Birdbath:

You can enhance the natural beauty of your garden by transforming the tree stump, as the base of a birdbath. This easy to build and elegant birdbath will not only beautify the landscape, but also draws birds to your yard.



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