7 IKEA Planter Hacks For The Ultimate Outdoor Garden

Home furnishings are always connected to the plantations. Few of the plants are considered to be lucky if kept in the house. Keeping a plant in the house has always been very healthy and helpful to flow positive energy. Sometimes plantations are not budget friendly and also very time consuming. Outdoor plantation has always been very interesting; however the activity is very time consuming and needs a lot of attention. Also, you have to take care of the house, so that your plantation passion does not make the house dirty. It is also very difficult to get all the items you need.

Here Are 7 IKEA Planter Hacks For The Ultimate Outdoor Garden

1. Garden In A Bed Frame

Use your old bedframe for plantation. Bedframes has the structure and area already available for support and planting needs. Take on the faulty bed frame upside down. Pour some soil, which will be helpful for the plants. You can plant trees which need support near the taller side of the frame and others anywhere else in the bed frame. This will help not to scatter the soil here and there and plants to be in one place. No chances of dirt and soils all over the house.

Garden In A Bed Frame

2. Wire Basket Balcony Planter

Take any unused wire basket. Cut the grids up to the squares to cover the balcony wall, so that it can be hung in balcony. Hang the basket and put plant in tubs in that. This way you don’t need to buy a hanging tub. You can design the basket as well to match with its surroundings.
Wire Basket Balcony Planter

3. Plant In A Lantern

Take any unused lantern. Pour soil in it and start plantation on it. It can be a hanging pot of plants. Hang it in the balcony or rooms for home furnishing. You can also paint it with your favorite color or pattern to match with the house.

Plant In A Lantern

4. Storage Bin Planter

Unused storage bins are always thrown out or takes a place in the store rooms. Get them out and start plantations in it. These can be put in the deck or in the balconies. You can also paint these to match with your house.

Storage Bin Planter

5. Corner Shelves Planter

Do you have a broken a corner shelves which can still stand with a little repair or you have one which you do not use? Use it to keep all the plant pots. Paint it to match the surroundings. You can try this with any unused carts as well.

Corner Shelves Planter

6. Asker Container Planter

Use an IKEA asker container for plantation. Put soil and plant in the container. Asker containers already have holes on its top. Use some beautiful ribbons or a nice piece of cloth through the container hole to make a hanger. Hang it with anything at the outdoor to turn it into a beautiful hanging planter.

Asker Container Planter

7. Plastic Bag Holder Strawberry Planter

You have any North American plastic shopping bag holder? Here is how to turn that into a planter. First unzip it fully. Put some soil with grass in it or whichever is required in your area to grow strawberries. Now zip it back so that the soil is tightly put inside the holder. Put the strawberry plants into it. Attach some hooks behind it so that it can be hung. Put it in a warm place where it can grow naturally. Wait for the delicious strawberries.

Plastic Bag Holder Strawberry Planter

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