7 Fun Ceiling Decorating Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Kid’s room is a very special place of the house. The room should have the best design so that it becomes kid’s much-loved room. Kids love cartoons, dolls, toys, cars, stars, books, chocolates. So, when you paint and decorate your room, make it according to their choice. First of all, you can start with the ceiling of the room. Make it colourful and include the design which can be special for your child. Like his favourite thing is cars and he loves to collect different cars, then make the ceiling a big car or car racing track.
Well, we are going to suggest you few fun ceiling decorating ideas which your kid might like.

1. Fantasy Inspired Design

Children love fantasy world. So make their room colourful and magical. Use purple, pink, yellow and red colour and install spotlights in the upper portion. Paint it like the sun is shining in the sky, clouds, the colour of dawn. Make it a design of the sky with bright colours. It will be really stunning design for your kid.

Fantasy Inspired Design

2. Wrapped Ceiling

You can make the room soft look with a cover ceiling. Use a nice pattern with some polka dots or star design in fabric with soothing colour like white and light pink. Now tuck it on the ceiling with a wavy manner. Use a big hanging lamp shade from the middle of the ceiling. Use light properly so that the ceiling looks better and brighter.

Wrapped Ceiling

3. Template Ceiling

You can choose template ceiling for the kid’s room ceiling. No need to paint the ceiling. You just need to choose one pattern and colour according to your kid and your choices. The delicate soft pattern will add a textural effect in the room.

Template Ceiling

4. Theme Ceiling

You can choose various themes for the room. Like Barbie room or the solar system influenced decoration. Paint the ceiling in blue colour and add planets on the ceiling by painting or handmade paper or lampshade. You can also tuck sticker of the planets with glue on the sky. Paint the walls a bit lighter than the ceiling and continue the same kind of planets and other designs.

Theme Ceiling

5. Hand Painted Decor

Your child loves forests and animals then make her room like a forest. Paint walls in green then make trees and big mammals in her choice like elephant, monkey, tiger, and birds. Paint the ceiling like trees using green and give few gaps in some places with clouds and light blue sky.

Hand Painted Decor

6. Make a Big Sky

You can offer your kids a big sky in their room. Most of the child love to explore the stars. So paint the ceiling like the sky in black and design stars on it. You can add sparkly stars with adhesive on the ceiling. Then make a moon with either paint or with the light. This ceiling will give your child a cozy, personalized feeling with a wide sky and stars.

Make a Big Sky

7. Sporty Ceiling

Kids love to play football, cricket, baseball, badminton. What is the favourite sport of your child? Make his room in his much-loved sport. Paint the ceiling like a football field or like a baseball field. Create optical illusions with adding a mirror on the wall. You can add football shaped cushions on the bed and chairs or baseball bat and ball shaped cushions for adding the extra charm and flavour.

Sporty Ceiling

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