7 Feminine Home Office Furniture Ideas

Many women these days prefer to work from home as it allows them to strike the work-family balance better. But working from home may not be a cakewalk all the time. You may get distracted by a number of things at home. That’s why it is always better to have a dedicated area for work. And if you have a dedicatedwork room or area you would want to furnish it to suit your taste. We bring to you some home office furnishing ideas to match up to the boss in you.

1. Neutral Palette:

This style caters to women with a taste for some classic style. The colours are mostly neutral and thus easy on the eyes. Furniture in such a setting would be more rounded and imperial in shapes and neutral in colour like beige, off white or even colourless (transparent). The focus is on keeping the surroundings soothing and least distracting.
Shiny surfaces help in reflecting the natural light and make the area look bigger and brighter.

2. Brighten With White:

White colour can be a statement in itself. Pearly white wallpaper, minimal furnishing and a smart use of lighting can make small office space look bigger. Smart use of cupboards can help keep unnecessary distractions out of sight. The key is to keep one dominant tone, which is white in this case. Bright looking offices help rejuvenate mind and body alike. White is indeed the new romantics of furniture of late.

 Brighten With White

3. Victorian Study:

If you like a touch of vintage in your lifestyle then you must invest in some heavy Victorian inspired furniture and bookshelves. A smart mix of beige withred and brown can createthe perfect Victorian look. Investing in some good tapestry and rugs are important to finish this look. This Victorian style home office is like a library turned workspace ideal for creative minds.

Victorian Study

4. Earthy And Bronze:

If you are the essential earthy woman, this is the style for you. Use of soft muted shades, classic wooden furniture and a centre ottoman works great with a use of small indoor plants. Bronze finished mirrors, shelves and Arabian architecture inspired windows can add an air mysterious feminine beauty to your home office. Conventional yet classy is what it will look like.

Earthy And Bronze



5. Chic Fashionista’s Nook:

You love fashion and everything you own is chic; then this one’s definitely your style. Sharp and dark furniture accompanied with unconventional lamp shades and edgy wall decorations can turn your office space into the most chic home office ever. To keep things edgy do away with roundish furniture. You can play with lighting and add drama with the use of interesting photos.

Chic Fashionista’s Nook

6. Bold Colours:

If love bold colours don’t shy away from using them. Use of colours like red, magenta, fuchsia and wine can lend a powerful look to your home office. You can play around with colours of the furniture and the draperies. Don’t be afraid to use prints if you want to. And if you have ample space,invest in a large desk that will amplify the overall effect.

Bold Colours

7. Harvard Inspired:

It is for the nerd in you. With a non-traditional approach this office style can be easily achieved with old professor style desk, large mismatched sofas, foldable curtains in bold colours and quirky wall motifs that will give your inner brainiac enough food for thought.

Harvard Inspired

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