7 Excellent Ways To Decorate Indoor Stairs

Decorate Indoor Stairs

Stairs are not only the convenient way to reach upstairs and upward floors but also a corner to give new look to your home. Indoor stairs can be used in many ways for storage if planned smartly. On the other hand, stairs can be revamped in a stylish manner to match with your interior decoration theme. Even, if you consider revamping the design of your stairs only, this will give a new look to your home.

Here Are Some Good Ideas To Rejoice The Beauty Of Your Stairs 

1. Wall Clock Below The Staircase

If your staircase has no space at bottom; instead it has been covered with a wall, you can use this wall for installing a big sized wall clock. The best idea to use this wall for this purpose is to have a round wheel shaped clock and painting the wall in contrast color of the clock.

Wall Clock Below The Staircase

2. Colorful Painting Theme

Another good option to make your indoor stairs beautiful is to paint the edges and width of the stairs in attractive colors. It is good to pick a combination of two or three colors and using them alternatively to paint the stairs. You can also use more than three colors if you have really a lengthy staircase at indoor.

Colorful Painting Theme

3. Traditional Look For Festive Season

Festivals bring a vibrant and bright theme for your entire home. So why not to paint your stairs in traditional manner for festive season? Well, you can select a combination of bright colors such as orange and yellow, magenta and green etc. after painting the base layer of stairs’ width with these colors by using them alternatively, get some ethnic designs drawn on the stairs with white color.

Traditional Look For Festive Season

4. Classic Sporty Look

Many people love to do something really innovative and classic during interior decoration. If you are planning something catchy for stairs of your kids’ room or sports room, you can paint them with black and white color by making checks like a chess board. This will simply revamp the entire interior.

Classic Sporty Look

5. Cartoon Theme

How about painting your stairs in a cartoon theme for special occasions like Christmas or children day? The best thing to know about this theme is that you can use removable cartoon stickers for this purpose. This is how; you can simply remove those stickers after the occasion has been over.

Cartoon Theme

6. Traditional Mirror Work

This decoration theme is absolutely perfect for those who are preparing for a big festival or grand occasion like wedding in their home. if you don’t want your stairs to look dull before all the lustrous interior decoration, you can simply use some well-shaped pieces of mirrors to make patterns on the width of stairs. You can use simple glue for pasting these small pieces of mirrors on width and edges of the stairs in a beautiful pattern.

Traditional Mirror Work

7. Scenic Stairs

Art lovers and philosophers will love this style of decorating stairs. All you need to is using some beautiful pictures of nature to paste them on edges of stairs. This will give a catchy and vital look to your room. Pleasant sceneries and positive pictures will be the best choice for this kind of stairs decoration.

Scenic StairsSo, you know how to revamp the style of your indoor stairs. Why to wait for implementing the best of your choice out of these ideas right now?

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