7 Edgy Brick Walls Ideas For Kids Rooms

 Ideas For Kids Rooms

The textural look and visual contrast of a brick wall is perfect for room décor. But, many people think narrow brick walls are not appropriate for the child’s room for its harsh and rough appearance. However, the interior designers and architects prefer brick walls in the kids’ room for its unique style. If you are concerned about health issues then you can clean the bricks or use a brick style wall with colours or you can use wallpaper like bricks. Here in the article we are going to talk about some unique ideas of brick walls for decorating your kids’ room.

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1. Wall Sticker On Brick Wall

Make the best effort to create a wonderful room for your kids. Keep a brick wall and attach a giant wall sticker of his favourite comic characters. It can be Avengers theme or a Star War theme or something which can fascinate the kid. It will make him great. The room will be his favourite place. The wall sticker will be stunning effect in the room.

Wall Sticker On Brick Wall

2. Brick Wall With Graffiti

If you have a young adult then you can think about the combination of graffiti and brick wall. Graffiti is something cool and trendy. The brick wall is another stylish look that can change the entire get up of the room. Hence, the idea, keep two brick walls and paint others. Use graffiti on those brick walls. There are lots of graffiti designs are available but you can consult with your kid for the best one.

Brick Wall With Graffiti

3. Whitewash Brick With Painting

When you want to bring variation in your kid’s room think about the brick wall. Don’t count an entire brick wall; rather keep a part of the wall in brick shape and whitewash it. Hang some colourful paintings on the wall. Kids room is something that is delicate and it should be decorated with care. So, select those paintings which are related to the children like cute picture of cat, angel, and butterfly.

Whitewash Brick With Painting

4. Brick Room With Accent Wall

The original red colour of the brick looks amazing with other accessories in the kids’ room. You can place the bed just front of the brick wall. Otherwise, hang a painting on the wall or place a pot or a vase in front of the wall. These accessories will complement the wall.

Brick Room With Accent Wall

5. Brown Brick Wall With Light

No need to keep the narrow brick in the room if you don’t like. Try brown brick wall on the entrance wall. Make the brown brick wall by colouring it. It will give you a brown colour effect and the room will look sophisticated. To make it more happening and ideal for kids you can attach a stylish lighting frame.

Brown Brick Wall With Light

6. Rusty Brick Wall

To add some interesting twist in your kid’s room, you can keep a rusty brick wall. Place a hanging bed beside that wall. The brick wall will help your room to look bigger than it is. It is just a visual effect. You can add a ladder to the bed and place a seating arrangement under the bed.

Rusty Brick Wall

7. Brick Wall With Colourful Tassels

It is always difficult to decorate the kids’ room. They are very special people in the house. You can keep a brick wall in the room with attractive decoration. Hang some beautiful big tassels on the wall horizontally. It will look cute and girly.

Brick Wall With Colourful Tassels

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