7 Eclectic Bathroom Design With Dark Tiles

Design With Dark Tiles

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Yu may then be looking for some design that you can use with the dark titles that you intend to use. Continue reading you will be able to find the best eclectic design that will suit your taste.

7 Eclectic Bathroom Design With Dark Tiles

1. Combination Of Graphics

You can use a collection of colorful graphics style to design one side of your bathroom and use the dark tiles on the other walls. The shower seat can also be covered with the graphics style to highlight it from the other fixtures. Color the water pipelines black and make the floor with tiles that are rustic and have wooden texture. The design will make the feel that you are walking on a wooden floor and entering a bathroom that is in the midst of a jungle.

Combination Of Graphics

2. Contemporary Bathroom

Use the dark titles below the round basins and add decorative details. The shower steps can also be made of the dark tiles but of a different hue than that used underneath the basins and the contrast that this will make with the faded bottom will enhance its beauty. The dark tiles can also be used in the shelf area to make them stand out from the other fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom

3. Creative Design

Use the dark tiles on the floor than on the walls. The walls should preferable be of light color so that an amazing contrast is made. The fixtures should also be of light color. This will give an elevated feeling to the floor and make the fixtures stand out. This walls being of lighter color will give a sense of space and make your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is.

Creative Design

4. Dark Diamond Tiles

Use the dark diamond tiles to decorate the floor and the space beneath the vintage wash basin that you have in your bathroom. The walls should be of lighter color to enhance the elegance. The diamond tiles will help to add a bold statement to your bathroom décor.

Dark Diamond Tiles

5. Retro Design

Use the dark tiles in the walls of the shower area. This will make the area to be more distinguished. Use a dark tile of a little lighter shade beneath the wash basin and cover the wall in front of the basin with mirror. The mirror will reflect the dark tiles fitted on the shower area and enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

Retro Design

6. Pebble Bay

Use the tiles that have a pebble like texture to cover the walls just above the wash basin and use the dark tiles below the wash basin and for the shelves. The walls should be designed with dark tiles of a different hue. The mirror reflecting the other walls will be an added attraction of your bathroom. The wash basins should be of pure white porcelain and the fixtures should be of steel. These white fixtures and the steel taps will also make the dark tiles more prominent.

Pebble Bay

7. Combination Of Grey With Stone Color

If you want a show stopping bathroom décor then you must follow this design. The dark grey tiles with the stone colored floor will make your bathroom that all will adore. The fixtures should preferable be white and this will make the dark tiles to be more prominent and gorgeous to look at. The color combination will make your bathroom more attractive and beautiful.

Combination Of Grey With Stone Color

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