7 Dramatic Scandinavian Bedroom Designs

7 Dramatic Scandinavian Bedroom Designs

Scandinavian interiors are simple, bright, clean, tidy, elegant, enchanting and serene. Minimalism is an intrinsic feature of Scandinavian style, which makes it ideal for contemporary homes that veer towards minimal décor. This style emerged in the Scandinavian countries in the 1950’s. If you are in the process of redecorating your bedroom or choosing a style for your bedroom, then the Scandinavian interior is what your need to have a look. The calmness, appeal, style, modernity and elegance in the design are matchless. Have a look at the Scandinavian bedroom ideas below, we bet you will become a fan of this style at the end of the page.

Scandinavian Bedroom Designs:

1. High Ceiling

An all white bedroom with high wooden ceiling is so classically Scandinavian. Everything in the room from floor to walls to ceiling to bed linen are all snowy white and plain creating a neat and super clean interiors. Colorful pillows with patterns, wooden side table with bright colored fresh flowers and a quirky art on the wall add sparkle, colors and liveliness to the room by breaking the monotony of the excessive white. Simple but nice!

High Ceiling

2. Classic

An attic bedroom is a popular and most loved Scandinavian bedroom idea. It is the architecture of these rooms, which makes them so popular and more Scandinavian. If you feel white is overwhelming, you can go for an accent wall and matching blanket and one or two quirky displays to break the boredom of white and add some colors to the room. Again a caramel leather armchair and vintage floor lamp will bring a cozy and warm feel to the serene atmosphere.


3. Multihued

A Scandinavian bedroom is dominated by white and neutral colors and so are the modern ones but with a slight twist. The twist is the pop of bright colors against the all white super clean interiors, but make sure that you don’t go overboard. Colored chairs, carpets with unique colorful patterns, bright colored throws and blankets, accent fireplace, and a beautiful art on the wall all these create a vivid and dramatic setting, which is still Scandinavian basically.


4. Eclectic

A stylish Scandinavian bedroom with vintage furniture and storage solutions would look great isn’t it? The tall windows that allow a lot of natural light into the room, white walls and flooring, the white photo frames create the classic neat Scandinavian bedroom effect, while the Victorian chair, vintage suitcases, bamboo storage boxes, animal poster, colored pillows and throws add a unique vibe to the bedroom.


5. Natural

The unfussy bedroom with white theme illuminated by the natural light is just amazing. The wooden panel behind the headboard adds a cozy feel to the interiors while the colorful rug on the floor brings in some liveliness into the atmosphere. The personalized frames and quirky display add texture and a modern touch to the room. A delicate pendant lamp would make the room comfy and more welcoming.


6. Architectural Features

Scandinavian décor is clean and crisp with an emphasis on design and a penchant for style. The simplicity of Scandinavian design lets highlight the architectural features. Low bed frames is one of the common features of this kind of decor that works well to make the most of the space. The soft white walls as the backdrop gives a tranquil and restful feel to the room.

Architectural Features

7. Tantalizing Textures

Besides the color, a host of textures is another way to add a visual contrast to your bedroom. Accent walls adorned in wood, exposed brick walls, plush cowhide rugs, a hint of iridescent copper in the pendant light, smart nightstands are all chic ways to decorate your Scandinavian bedroom.

Tantalizing Textures


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