7 DIY Ways To Distress Furniture And Give It A Vintage Look

You can make a brand new furniture item look like an antique by using techniques that give it a distressed look and bring a fabulous shabby chic decor in your home. Before you start working on any item, you need to clean it. Use a piece of damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust. The item might have handles or hinges, which should be removed so that there is a bare structure to work with.

Here Is A Look At Easy-to Do 10 Ways Of Distressing Furniture

1. Hand Sanding 

Apply the sander on exactly those places where the items would have worn out over time such as handles, edges, sides etc. You should sand the surface depending on how much of a distressed effect you want to achieve.

Hand Sanding

2. Dry Brushing

This technique can be opted when you do not want to spend time and need a quick means to create distressed effect. It’s easy-to-do because all that’s needed is a dry brush to apply paint on the surface very lightly. The application must be slight and done all across the item in such a way that it gets a faded look.

Dry Brushing

3. Paint Remover

When the item has many coats of paint applied on it, using a paint remover is the best means to make it look distressed. Apply it all over the item and wait, according to the time given in the instructions, to see the effect. You might want to apply it twice or thrice depending on the desired effect.

Paint Remover

4. Apply Antique Wax

This wax should be applied all over the item in an artistic way to get the perfect worn out look. It can be applied heavily in some places, while very lightly on other areas to bring on the distressed look all over the piece.

Apply Antique Wax

5. Chalk Paint

Buy a chalk paint kit and you will get two small buckets of paint and a kit that gives instructions on how to use them. Follow the instructions and apply one paint first, let it dry, sand it and then apply another on top. Make dribble or criss-cross effects to give that weathered look.

Chalk Paint

6. Milk Paint 

This paint is available in powder form. Mix water into it to make a paste and then apply using brush all over the item. After the first coat, you can apply a second coat. After this coating dries, distress it using a damp cloth. Use the cloth in those places where you want to give a worn or faded look. You can also use tape or scrapper to peel off the paint.

Milk Paint

7. Beeswax 

Natural beeswax bar is a great tool for bringing on a distressed effect. Have the item painted and allow it to dry. Apply beeswax on the item in various areas. Now put a second coat on it and allow it to dry. Now distress it with a wet rag and sanding sponge to create the effect your desire.

After you have got the distressed look, add a more dramatic effect to the item by applying stain all over it. Apply the first coat of stain, with a cloth and wipe off the excess. After one coat dries, apply another and allow to dry, after which you can apply a third coating. This will leave a very deep stained effect on the surface.

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