7 DIY Projects To Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

We love to decorate our home. It is interesting to decorate every nook and corner of the house according to your own taste. Not only the home, but we love to decorate a garden and backyard. You can create an extra seating arrangement or you can hang planters on the wall. The motto is clear you need to do the beautification of the outside area of your house. There are several ideas. You just need to punch it with your imagination and idea.

Here Are 7 DIY Projects To Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

1. Tree Become Planter

If you have some old tree stumps in the backyard, then use it as a planter. First of all, use a sharp axe and drill to clear the inside of the stumps. Fill it with soil and plant weeds and other small plants. These stumps are hard to move. So it is better to reuse it like the big planter. In fact, it will give you greenish look in the backyard.

Tree Become Planter

2. Wall Box Planter Holder

If you love green then don’t hold back. Use wall, fence for plants. Your tiny terrace will look beautiful with the shadow box style planter holder. Attach shadow box on the wall and put pots on it. You can fix many shadow boxes for the plants and place planters on it. May be each box can hold one to two planters. This way you can make your own hanging garden on the outside of the house.

Wall Box Planter Holder

3. Storage Bench For Lounge

Make an L-shaped bench with storage at home. You can make it with scrap wood. You can also make it with some old furniture. Place it in the outside lounge of your home. Store garden tools and blank planters in that storage. Paint the bench; add plywood on the top and use cushions or pillows for the seating arrangement. Just move the plastic chairs and place this new looks storage cum bench for seating arrangements. Don’t forget to add a small tea table with it.

Storage Bench For Lounge

4. Reuse Your Umbrella

In the garden make a stand with bricks and cement. Make it beautiful as much as you can. Then place flower planters on it. At last attach the umbrella. Do it in various spaces of your garden and lawn. It will give your garden a sophisticated, colourful look. You can make a unique kind of shade with this plain base, flower planter and umbrella.

Reuse Your Umbrella

5. Cinder Block Planter

The cinder block planter is a great idea to use a divider of the garden or backyard. Even it takes small space. So, you can use various cinder blocks for planting. Place these blocks in the garden to make it more attractive. This planter will give your garden and backyard a modern look.

Cinder Block Planter

6. Pallet Table Planter

This table will give you the chance to take your snacks in between green plants. Take your small outside tea table and make a square cut in the center. Now attach a plate of wood or solid plastic under the table with soil. Finally, arrange some small plants or weeds in the center. Separate the soil with small stones. It is ready to use.

Pallet Table Planter

7. Living Wall

It is a vertical garden surrounded on the wall. You can have mainly herbs in this garden. Do it on the backyard wall or on the wall of boundary. It will take years to take the final shape. But when it will be finish definitely it will become the piece of art.

Living Wall

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