7 Designer Wardrobe That Fits Your Bedrooms Well

Are you looking for classical wardrobe for your bedroom? Your search ends here as we are going to discuss 7 most popular wardrobe designs that fit perfectly to bedroom. Most of the bedrooms have their own style and decoration and so wardrobe. You will find plenty of sliding and open ended wardrobe designs. Each wardrobe has its features and drawbacks.

Here Are 7 Designer Wardrobe That Fits Your Bedrooms Well

1. Stone Grey, Black, Faux Fur Wardrobe

This wardrobe provides combination of faux fur along with grey stone and black sense which provide its own style of statement. This wardrobe is not limited to bedroom but can fit to any place. You will get lots of internal space to keep your valuable things. It is the right combination of approach and material. You can choose different color option as per your bedroom combination. You need some accessories which can be suitable for this wardrobe like trouser rail, shoe shelves and rack and hanging rail.

Stone Grey, Black, Faux Fur Wardrobe

2. Walnut Wood & Black Glass Wardrobe

This wardrobe is known for its spacious interior. You will get free standing furniture along with it. As name suggests, this is made from walnut wood and black glass. A roller is placed at the bottom part of wardrobe so that you can easily pull it off outside. This wardrobe gives best value for money and experience. You can also get light and dark color combination to improve outlook.

Walnut Wood & Black Glass Wardrobe

3. Mussel & Grey-Brown Walnut

This design is specially made for awkward shaped bedrooms. This wardrobe comes with L shape design. Doors are structured with mussel color with walnut mixture. It is an ideal pattern for traditional bedroom design. You can choose any color option as per requirement. Additional accessories include corner robe rail, jewelry tray, long hanging and trouser rail.

Mussel & Grey-Brown Walnut

4. Black Glass & Wood Wardrobe

Black glass and wood wardrobe comes with trouble-free moderate design. If you like your wardrobe in properly manageable style, this can be a best alternative. In this wardrobe, there is a place for every item you possess. It comes with sliding doors. This design also comes in L shape so you can share it along with two walls. Necessary accessories include dressing table with drawer, shoe rack, mirror and tie/belt rack.

Black Glass & Wood Wardrobe

5. Blue Glass Teenager Wardrobe

Blue color is normally attached to mood swings and that’s why teenagers like it most. We are here talking about a wardrobe with blue glassy effect in the middle. Your teenager will get everything with closed doors to open space in single wardrobe. This wardrobe will fit to single wall only. If you own some needed accessories like shoe shelves & rack, hanging rails and drawers for this wardrobe, your prince will definitely in love with it.

Blue Glass Teenager Wardrobe

6. Pink And White Glass Wardrobe

Pink color is girl’s favorite color and by keeping that in mind, designer made a pink and white combination wardrobe which can gives priceless smile to your child. It can fit to single wall and has enough internal space to keep clothes, books and other stuff. This wardrobe can be opened by sliding the door. Its accessories includes drawers, wire baskets, mirror and shoe shelves.

Pink And White Glass Wardrobe

7. Beech & Silver Mirror

You will surely in love with this wardrobe. If you have a bigger bedroom and can afford expensive wardrobe, you should look for this. It not only stores your valuable things but can also be essential part of your bedroom. This is a modern patterned wardrobe which can easily match with your bedroom style. Other necessary stuffs are hanging rail, shoe rack, mirror and drawers.

Beech & Silver Mirror

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