7 Creative Ways To Give Vintage Look To Your Kitchen

Despite the present kitchen accessories and décor boasting of modernity and even technological innovations, vintage looks for kitchen is still holding its ground. The main reason behind its popularity is the fact that it does not discard any of the existing furniture or utensils. Rather, vintage looks for kitchen is achieved by mix n match of old and new items. Moreover, vintage looks have timeless appeal and sense of nostalgia at the same time. No matter how far technology has moved, vintage kitchen tools and machines are still used by many.

Here Are 7 Creative Ways To Give Vintage Look To Your Kitchen

1. Rough And Wear

If it is Vintage that you want, you should not worry about any of your kitchen furniture’s withered look. There is absolutely no harm in showing the deteriorated look on kitchen table, table for dining. This is very much part of the charm associated with it. If you have wooden kitchen furniture, rough them up by rubbing sand paper on it. Instead of putting modern crockery and water bottles, go for a flower a flower pot and basic crockery. Imperfection is what will help you get perfection with the look.
Rough And Wear

2. Open Shelving

Vintage kitchens were instantly recognizable with their open shelves plan. The distressed cabinet allows you to have a glance at your kitchen essentials. Add subway tiles that are not as expensive as other tiles in use. The safest color for shelves and tiles would be white.
Open Shelving

3. Throwback To The 1920’s

1920’s kitchen looks absolutely pristine with minimal detailing. All that should be done is go for as much classic look as you can. This can be done in two ways; you can either try to strike contrast the colors of the wall and furniture or you can simply throw plain jane look.
Throwback To The 1920’s

4. Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

The collectible of Vintage era can be your silent weapon in achieving vintage style kitchen. These can be kept in your kitchen’s open shelves. Blue willow dishes are largely collected to give vintage looks to any kitchen; it has a transferware pattern printed in blue on a white background. There are several designs to choose from; three people on a bridge, weeping willow. Bring more of 1930’s with luray dishes that have beautiful pastels. There are vintage kitchen utensils too; mostly with green and red painted wood handles.
Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

5. Vintage Kitchen Stock

Now, this is a vintage kitchen in looks hands down. You will be mighty impressed by the chess board tiled floor and can easily get one without breaking the bank. The centerpiece in this styling will be a fridge printed Coca Cola. If on a no holds barred budget, you can also get a jukebox and wall stickers to denote kitchen drawers and goodies.
Vintage Kitchen Stock

6. Pressed Metal Ceilings

The most striking way to style your kitchen with vintage looks is adding pressed metal ceilings. Pressed metal should be left to look natural as possible. Other option ceilings are Analgypta papers or wallpaper in cream colors in case of tight budget.
Pressed Metal Ceilings

7. Refrigerators

How can I possibly leave them out? Refrigerators can add both balance and charm in your kitchen thereby becoming a centerpiece of the eighties. Some brands like Smeg from Italy and Oranier have pioneered in retro fridges.


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