7 Creative Tips To Decorate Your Kitchen In Mediterranean Style

Are you planning to design your kitchen in a Mediterranean style? That’s great! Mediterranean style of home or kitchen décor is enchanting, beautiful, and relaxing that help create carefree environment eliminating the stress. Mediterranean kitchen décor is a blend of natural décor items and fabulous shades of colors that spread tranquility throughout your interiors. In the modern times, some of the best colors that you can use when embellishing your kitchen in Mediterranean theme are shades of blue, green, and sand that represent incredible marine environment and landscapes. Also, the use of mosaic tiles is another crucial aspect to involve profusely when developing your kitchen in this unique style. So, let’s have a look at some incredible ways to design your kitchen in Mediterranean style.

Here Are 7 Creative Tips To Decorate Your Kitchen In Mediterranean Style

1. Use Natural, Fascinating Colors

Mediterranean style reflects natural landscapes, flora, sky, beach, and sea. So, choose colors that best represent these aspects of nature. You can opt colors, such as rich yellows, bright teal green and blue, terra cotta, blend of yellow and lavender with various earth tones, ocean blue, and spicy red, when developing Mediterranean inspired kitchen. For the floor and countertops of your kitchen choose beige and sandy tans to match the Mediterranean theme.

Use Natural, Fascinating Colors

2. Have Gracefully Curved Designs

When adding decorative elements to your Mediterranean-inspired kitchen, you can choose swooping curved decor instead of linear interiors. Don’t stick to simple designs. Sinuous curlicues can be a great choice. Let natural curves and matching décor occupy the center stage of your kitchen. Having lots of curved elements enhances elegance of your space. Add heavy carved furniture of dark wood color shade.

Have Gracefully Curved Designs

3. Add Tiles

Tiles are integral part of Mediterranean home décor and interiors. Hand-painted tiles of various designs and patterns are most commonly used when developing your kitchen space in Mediterranean style. You can also use some fabulous mosaic tile when creating your kitchen backsplash. Go for Saltillo floor tiles when remodeling your kitchen floor to add earthy touch to your space.

Add Tiles

4. Place Bulky Metal Accents

Metals play a big role when styling your kitchen in Mediterranean style. Having heavy metal items in your space imparts it an earthy look. Wrought iron can be an ideal addition when decorating your space. It adds great visual effect and imparts classic, natural appearance to your kitchen interior. Choose a wrought iron rack to store all your essential copper cookware. Also, you can place a big wrought iron pot in your space.

Place Bulky Metal Accents

5. Rustic Lighting Décor

Your metal décor items in Mediterranean styled kitchen look great when you pair them with dazzling rustic lighting décor. Choose to place a big wrought iron chandelier over your exquisite kitchen’s functional space. It helps add a fascinating statement that emits beautiful light adding a classic impact to your space. Small sized wrought iron pendant lighting accents can also be a brilliant addition. Besides these, you can also place wrought iron candelabras in your kitchen space to enhance its appearance.

Rustic Lighting Décor

6. Create Raised Textures On Walls

Exquisite raised textures and plaster finished walls add earthy touch to your Mediterranean styled home. Walls embellished in natural hues with tactile depth and fabulous dimensions enhance aesthetic appeal of your kitchen’s wall. Whether you go for rough raised textures or smooth, fine designs, these fabulous wall textures enhance the appearance and add charm to your kitchen space. Incorporate coffee and sand grounds to your paint and add raised textures to your kitchen’s finished walls.

Create Raised Textures On Walls

7. Embellish With Wooden Structures

When decorating your kitchen in Mediterranean style, placing wooden accents in your space help add dark wood tones and Mediterranean touch. Exposed wood beam is one of the crucial elements of Mediterranean styled kitchen. You can have exposed wood beams contrasting your ceiling as well as various wooden accents that blend well with your kitchen counter tops and exquisite walls when decorating your kitchen.

Embellish With Wooden Structures

Now that you know these incredible tips to have Mediterranean styled kitchen, make sure you follow them to have beautiful, pleasant, and inviting kitchen space.

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