7 Cozy Space Ideas For Comfort Seat In your Kitchen


The kitchen in any home is the most visited and also happens to be the one stop place for all in the family. The kitchen holds all appliances and gadgets and most often even a washing machine. Modern and contemporary living is very demanding and being a multi-tasker is the need of the hour. At the same time, health conditions demand that one needs a break to sit down comfortably and give the much needed rest to our legs from long hours of cooking.

The idea of a small and comfortable seating space in our kitchen in such a scenario, is very welcoming. Here are some cozy ideas to turn the kitchen into a living cum working cum relaxing space. However, the spills and stains that occur the most is here. We may use stain and fire resistant material to make a comfortable seat and convert the chosen space to a signature showoff area. Assess the movement in your kitchen, the alignment and arrangement of all required kitchen gadgets and then choose your favorite space for this seat. Also, it would be most helpful to use it as a storage space too.

1. Nook Seat:

The constraint of space is a major thought and utilization of the same to the maximum extent possible is a skill. The idea of placing a sofa in the kitchen may be a common resting place in such spaces.The book may hold a small seat with a round table, which is optional, to allow you to indulge in writing and enjoying your cup of coffee, while your cooking is still on. The nook seat may be designed with storage space to hold your kitchen towels, wipes and small non-breakable and stainless steel cutlery.

Nook Seat

2. Kitchen Window Seat:

A kitchen with a sofa cum dining table may be a grand idea if the family is large and has many visitors too. Such an arrangement is generally preferred near a window, where leg room space does not hinder free movement in the remaining kitchen area. This window seat can be very eye catching and cool white and pastel color shades upholstery lend that comforting and cool look for your kitchen. The open living cum kitchen concepts may well hold this style and make room for a larger seating sofa in the living room.  Your problem of seating many guests will be solved and at the same time this kitchen sofa may well give you the privacy of working on your laptop while the TV may not distract you at all!!

Kitchen Window Seat

3. The Elegant Staircase Kitchen Seat:

Often the space beneath the staircase adjacent to the kitchen leading to the first floor of a house is converted to storage space. But, a good turnaround for this space would be to double this space utility. One may visualize this space as a storing cum seating space. This space is usually compact for a single seat and beyond the head room height may be used to store light cane baskets or flat, light and unbreakable pottery.  Use colorful throw cushions that add cheer and comfort.

The Elegant Staircase Kitchen Seat

4. Kitchen Island:

The kitchen center table is the largest space occupier in many kitchens. Yet, it is ostensibly indispensable. The outer edge of the table may be crafted to hold the seat, while the inner facing side of the table towards the kitchen maybe used for cooking activities. Often this solves the purpose of a separate dining table and chairs. The kitchen island serves the dual purpose of a dining cum work table. This is very popular in studio apartments and houses with small kitchen area. In such an arrangement, the living room continues with its exclusive seating space of holding a comfortable sofa.

Kitchen Island

5. Lengthy Kitchen Area Seats:

Certain kitchens tend to be like a lengthy corridor and, yet of course housing all the essentials of a kitchen. They may open a large L space and it would be a great idea to add elegance to such space. Remove clutter and chalk out the traffic of movement and utilize this length to your manipulative advantage. Surprisingly, you may end up with a large seat and for that classy elegance you place a small center coffee table. Let the door ajar that leads to your backdoor open kitchen garden and allow the dash of greenery too. This is a complete picture of an exclusive kitchen banquette!

Lengthy Kitchen Area Seats

6. L-Corner Kitchen Seats:

The corners are most often ignored as a space utility. Corners are especially hidden behind doors when the doors are opened. This actually restricts space utility. However, kitchens not restricted with such space constraints may well give a thought to the L corner seat and plan accordingly, to house a two seat seating arrangement. This is most comfortable as a coffee or snack corner, asides its use for a quick break from standing due to a long cooking time.

L-Corner Kitchen Seats

7. Corner Seats:

In most homes, the kitchen and the living areas may be joined by corners and separated by a short wall.  A major transformation may be brought about by converting this space to a comfortable kitchen cum living room seat, taking advantage of the fact that the short wall is a good support to house this seat. Also, this arrangement can be accompanied with a dining table too by placing a table of sufficient and customized size to utilize the corner optimally. This would be suitable, since the traffic and movement is very less.

Corner Seats


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