7 Cool Trends That Will Hit Your Kitchen In 2016

Kitchen is one of the important parts of the house. The improved trends in kitchen designing makes it is inevitable to make necessary time to time changes in order to upgrade your kitchen as per the trend. The improvised trends always aim at minimizing the space and giving the kitchen a spacious look. There are various arrangements made to creatively utilize the space of the kitchen and decrease the unwanted occupation of space. You can always make necessary up gradations in the appliances used to get the most sophisticated yet stylish look. Making necessary changes in your kitchen is important to make your kitchen look stylish and spacious.

Here Are 7 Cool Trends That Will Hit Your Kitchen In 2016

1. A Stylish Plate Rack

In most of the kitchens plate racks occupy a lot of space and may look cumbersome when arranged badly. You can always opt for a stylish plate rack that will keep your plates organized and will help you stack them properly. You can also use shelf dividers instead of allotting a separate shelf for this purpose. Shelf dividers help in arranging the plates vertically and making use of the left over space.

A Stylish Plate Rack

2. A Cutting Board With Trash Chute

It is always a big problem to clean the mess after using the cutting boar to chop, peel or grate vegetables and fruits. This new cutting board with trash chute helps in immediately disposing the trash and keeping your kitchen neat even after a rigorous use of the chopping board. It also saves your time by facilitating immediate disposal of waste.

A Cutting Board With Trash Chute

3. Diagonal Utensil Dividers

Instead of having various storage places for placing the kitchen tools such as spatulas, spoons, and forks you can accommodate all these tools in one single drawer using the utensil dividers. It helps in saving place for other elements in the kitchen. A divider will also help in separating the kitchen tools without which it becomes messy and appears disorganized.

Diagonal Utensil Dividers

4. Built-in Cookbook Shelf

Use of cook books is quite common if you are having an inclination towards cooking. Instead of placing these cook books in your regular bookshelf you can always use the built in book shelf. This is easily made by making out place under your kitchen platforms which is usually left unused. Now place all your cook-books in a place where they actually belong to and find use i.e. the kitchen.

Built-in Cookbook Shelf

5. Swing Out Cabinets

There are many things in the kitchen which do not find use every day. You can always use a swing out cabinet that helps in saving space for other utensils which are used daily. Make use of this storage device that not only keeps seldom used things safe but also makes your kitchen look more organized.

Swing Out Cabinets

6. Built-in Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are very essential in your kitchen to make your kitchen look more neat and tidy. However it becomes essential to place these paper towels in a perfect place. The built in paper towel holder will keep your paper towels handy and also will not occupy additional place. You can easily use them whenever necessary and keep your kitchen neat.

Built-in Paper Towel Holder

7. Built- in Vacuum

A neat kitchen requires lot of hard work. However with this built-in vacuum you can always keep your kitchen neat. This is installed in the walls of your kitchen and doesn’t occupy much place.

Built- in Vacuum

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