7 Cool DIY Backyard Brick Barbecue Ideas

Backyards are always fun, be it backyard football or backyard pools and the barbeque is no less. Inviting some guests in the winters while you do the roasting is a sign of complete bliss. Because it is in the backyard, the barbeque made of bricks is perhaps the ideal one to have as it can stand against different climate conditions and still stay intact. Other reason to build your own barbeque is that you can chose the shape according to your interest and this can be cleaned easily.

Let Us Consider Some Of The Ideas And Styles That Can Some Handy If You Own A Backyard

1. The Karaoke

Making a place to sit alongside the barbeque is a very good one to start off with. This is nothing but placing some extra stones beside the barbeque (preferably of the same color) making it look like a place where someone could sit and play music while you grill your meat at the same time.

The Karaoke

2. Fireplace And Grill

Thinking of having a stylish griller at your home can cost you time but the results can be outrageously great. The one being described here was originated in Denmark and having this in your backyard wouldn’t allow your wife to complain about.

Fireplace And Grill

3. The Beauty And The Beast

Having a steamer and a griller at the same time would enhance your options. With the two types of options available, imagine having steamed momos and then roasting them on your barbeque: that’s the dream i suppose.

The Beauty And The Beast

4. The Holder

This is nothing but a simple brick made barbeque having columns on each side that can hold wood or coal that help you roast the chicken. The best part about this one is that this is easy as it gets with one iron grill placed in the center to hold the stuff being cooked. Be assured of having some place to keep chilled beers in the ice box below the grill.

The Holder

5. The Outdoor Living Retreat

Looking out for a more advanced barbeque (not modular in nature) try creating this in your backyard. This again would consist of a steamer and a griller at the same time and you could also have baking options as well. Just building a block with bricks and leaving spaces to be filled later and covered would give you the idea as to go about it. A bit costlier side when it comes to DIY but the most modern one.

The Outdoor Living Retreat

6. The Fire Pit

Alright you have two benefits. Firstly, you can use this to, of course grill the marinated stuff to eat and secondly, it serves the purpose of a bonfire while everyone is seated around it. Not very hard to make and create, creating a circular shaped tub with bricks is the way to go about it. Placing some stools around isn’t a bad way to keep yourself warm while you dine the grilled essence.

The Fire Pit

7. The Square

Keeping in view the hindrances caused by time limits and space, the best way to create a backyard barbeque is to keep it short and simple. Two walls parallel to each other and covered by one side keeps you and your food warm most of the time. The shelves on the walls help in serving the food after it is cooked. Allow your guests to keep the drinks on the shelves while you serve them food as soon as it is prepared.

The Square

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