7 Clever Ways Of Turning Recycled Scrap Metal Into Useful Furniture

Creativity helps you to make cool furniture with a few awkward things, like scrap metal. We all have some parts of machinery, car parts, frames, tools and other old things which are loaded at the basement. Have you ever thought of making useful things with these scrap metal? Well, there are numerous ideas which you can follow. You can utilize your creativity and imagination to make wonderfully unique things with these scraps metals.

Here Are 7 Clever Ways Of Turning Recycled Scrap Metal Into Useful Furniture

1. Wood Saw To Coat Hanger

If you have an old wood saw at your basement that is not used these days, then change it on a coat hanger. Surprised? Here is the idea. Attach five small hooks at the base of the saw. Keep some decent gap between each hook. Then hang it vertical on the wall beside the main door of the house. Hang your coat when you come back home.

Wood Saw To Coat Hanger

2. Water Pitcher To The Wind Chime

You can make a wind chime with old metal water pitcher and some fork, spoon and butter knife. Just make small holes around the open area of the jug and on the end of the handles of the spoons, forks and knives. Now tie the jug with spoons, knives and forks with a strong long thread. Hang the jug upside down in any place where the wind passes. You will feel the sound of wind chimes.

Water Pitcher To The Wind Chime

3. Washing Machine Tub To The One Sitter

Transfer a washing machine tub to the one sitter. First search for a still tub of your old washing machine, then puts a metal or wooden base and put a cushion on it. You can add wheels to it that depends on your choice. But the one sitter really looks good.

Washing Machine Tub To The One Sitter

4. Volkswagen Transform Into The Grill

If you have a front side of scraped Volkswagen, then just apply your creative mind. Don’t consider it as a scrap. You can make a grill out of it. Open the bonnet clear all stuff and put a grill. You can put the front portion of the Volkswagen on the lawn or in the kitchen. But you will need a big kitchen for that.

Volkswagen Transform Into The Grill

5. Tractor Table

Collect the old tractor and make it a table and attach some seats on the iron handle. You can enjoy your breakfast and lunch at the unique table in the middle of your garden. You can enjoy your meal as well as feel the green grasses, trees, flowers, colourful butterflies and the birds.

Tractor Table

6. Sewing Machine To Dining Table

Are you interested in making furniture at home with old stuff? Then this idea is just for you. Search for an old sewing machine and take the lower part of it. Just the stand of the machine, then attaches a wooden round or oval or square table top on it. Colour it or polish it and your home made dining table is ready.

Sewing Machine To Dining Table

7. Oil Drum To Single Chair

Oil drums can be very good single sitters. You must be thinking what you will do with large oil drums. But, don’t scrap it. You can really think about this idea. Cut one side of the drum and attach a base with cushion. You can add another thin cushion where you will put your back. It can be a comfortable sitting arrangement for your guests.

Oil Drum To Single Chair

Try the above mentioned ideas and make a difference in your life!

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