7 Brilliant DIY Ways Of Reusing Old Wine Barrels

Have old wine barrels at home and you are clueless as to what to with them? Don’t worry. There are millions of things that you can do with those old wine barrels and the more the better. It always feels good to do something useful with old things rather than throwing them out and there are tons of ideas and creative things that you can implement to make sure that they are reused in a better and a classic way. The old wine barrels are big and they can be used in so many different things that you cannot even imagine. You can use them as a decorative thing in your house or as a table or for something else. You might not have ever thought of using it for such things, hence you should surely think about it and make proper use of these barrels for your daily household work.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Brilliant Diy Ways Of Reusing The Old Wine Barrels.

1. Make It A Bar Table

This is one of the simplest things that you can do with your old wine barrel. If you are planning to buy a center table for your mini bar, then don’t bother. If you have an old wine barrel then reuse it. Paint or varnish it again to give it a new feel and add some pebbles or any colorful thing on the top and keep a round glass on it to make it a table.

Make It A Bar Table

2. The Barrel Floating Pot Pond

This is another simple and interesting DIY that you can easily do it on your own. All you need is barrels and a small garden to plant these water plants. If you want you can cut the barrel into half and make two ponds or keep just one single pot.

The Barrel Floating Pot Pond

3. Make A Barrel Tray For Your Pets

This is one cool idea and if you have pets at home, say a dog or a cat then make the barrel as your dog food and water tray. You can cut the barrel up to your pet’s reach and place the bowls in it. it looks very neat and as well creative. It is one interesting DIY that can be done with the barrels.

Make A Barrel Tray For Your Pets

4. Make A Barrel Cradle For Your Toddler

If you always wanted a cradle for your toddler and you don’t really want to invest much on it then DIY. It is very simple and you can hang it in your house, wherever there is an empty place and which can be easily seen from whichever angel. It looks very cute and you can stuff it with some soft toys and other things.

Make A Barrel Cradle For Your Toddler

5. Make A Barrel Bed For Your Dog

So you have an old wine barrel at home and you have a dog also, for whom you are planning to buy a small bed, then don’t bother. Make use of that barrel to make the dog bed. It is very cool and make it comfortable so that your dog loves it and sleeps peacefully on it.

Make A Barrel Bed For Your Dog

6. Create A Barrel Tray

This is one cool DIY to make a barrel try. It is something that you will like and it looks rustic and gives a great feeling. Take the base of the barrel and make a tray out of it. You can use the remaining part of the barrel for some other purpose.

Create A Barrel Tray

7. Make A Bar

This is a little time consuming thing but if you really make it then this is the coolest of all the ideas. Use the old barrel and create a mini bar out of it. It looks very cool and extremely smart.

Make A Bar

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