7 Best Outdoor Candle Hurricanes And Lanterns Of 2016

Summer is knocking the door. This is the right time to create a new set up of light to enjoy the evening at your outdoor. Relaxation or evening party, beautiful candle lanterns and hurricanes are perfect for the ultimate decoration. Lots of new designs and shapes are available these days in candle hurricanes and lanterns. You can hang these wonderful lights from fence or branches or shades. Otherwise, just place them on the floor or on the table. We have some wonderful candle lanterns and hurricanes ideas that you can choose for your place. Definitely these designer lights will boost the energy, mood and feelings.

Here Are 7 Best Outdoor Candle Hurricanes And Lanterns

1. Macro Lantern

These lanterns are perfect for the backyard or roof. It is available in two colors, made of powder coated iron with the very simple look. You can hang these elegant lanterns or just put it on the floor. The light of the candle will be bright and soothing. If you are going to arrange a get together, you can decorate the outdoor space with these simple lanterns. The price of this Macro Lantern is around 19.95 dollars.

Macro Lantern

2. Teardrop Teal Glass Lantern

These lanterns are really beautiful. It comes in different colors and shapes with an iron handle to hang it. You can put the candle in the middle of the jar and it will bring you the colorful bright light. The lanterns are excellent to decorate your outdoor space. Without any extra efforts these lanterns make the mood of the party. You can hang these colorful lights or else you can put the lantern on the table too. The colorful lights are very soothing.

Teardrop Teal Glass Lantern

3. Hyannis Lantern

The vintage canning jars are repurposed in candle lanterns. It has a rope type handle which gives sea beach feelings. First of all fill the jars with some sand and then place the candle in the middle. The candle lanterns are ready. These lanterns come in various sizes. These lanterns create the most amazing atmosphere with its glow. The lanterns really provide a beautiful beach sort of feelings.

Hyannis Lantern

4. Pomp Candle Holder

The most common candle lantern has different shapes. The curves of the glass are excellent and sober. You can place it on the table or on a pillar to make the place brighter. The light is marvelous and creates a wonderful atmosphere for spending time with closed ones. These lights will make the place bright.

Pomp Candle Holder

5. London Glass Hurricanes

These glass hurricanes are look like Champaign glass. The differences are, the base is plain and bigger to set the candle and the body is larger than the Champaign glass. It comes in three sizes. It is one of the popular seasonal décor and no doubt a wonderful candle hurricane. It looks good on the table. The price of this hurricane is 19.95 dollars.

London Glass Hurricanes

6. Rotera Lantern

These lanterns are ideal for the decoration of your outdoor space. These are small and colourful. Rotera is made of steel with polyester powder coating and glass. These colourful rotera lanterns are the best choice for hanging.

Rotera Lantern

7. Modern Geometric Hurricanes

This hurricane has an asymmetric shape with various colours. The hurricanes are made of industrial sheets of iron and powder coated with 3D geometric forms. The lights between pin-dot holes look soothing and dim. In the middle set a glass candle. Your soothing yet elegant modern hurricanes are ready to make the mood of the party.

Modern Geometric Hurricanes

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