7 Best DIY Pallet Projects for Your Bathroom

The Pallet can serve you with useful and beautiful projects. Now if you are thinking where to use wooden pallet then your bathroom is the right place where you can do experiments with the pallet to make your bathroom more spacious and comfortable. Though pallets are linked to the rustic spaces, but you can modify it with modern and stylish accessories and elements.

Here Are 7 Best DIY Pallet Projects Exclusively For Your Bathroom

1. A Beautiful Wooden Pallet Shelf In Your Bathroom

If you want more storage space in your bathroom, then beautify it with wooden pallet shelf. You can place them in a corner of your bathroom or you can go for a wall hanging shelf. A shelf gives ample space to keep essential things like soap, shampoo, cosmetics and more. It is very easy to fix the wooden pallet and you do not need any carpenter to work on it. To make it more attractive you can add flowers and showpieces as well.

A Beautiful Wooden Pallet Shelf In Your Bathroom

2. Wooden Pallet Bathroom Vanity

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Upgrade your bathroom with vanity, so that it gives a classy look to your restroom. The vanity comes in handy for keeping/storing all the required restroom stuffs such as tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps etc.

Wooden Pallet Bathroom Vanity

3. Pallet Wall Decor For The Bathroom

Give a sophisticated look to your restroom by decorating the walls. Old wooden and rustic pallets can be of great use. The wooden pallet will give a vintage look to your restroom. You can also hang different pieces of art on these wooden pallets. It is not necessary to cover all the walls. You can select a particular wall and can decorate it with wooden pallets.

Pallet Wall Decor For The Bathroom

3. Pallet Mirror Frame

Can’t image a restroom with a mirror right? How about framing your restroom mirror with a wooden pallet. This would save you a lot of space and also help in giving a royal feel to your restroom. This pallet project is budget friendly and easy to do.

Pallet Mirror Frame

4. Stylish And Attractive Pallet For Toilet Papers

You have to be innovative while using pallets in your restroom.If your main purpose is to reuse the old pallets, then this idea is the best. Use the pallets for storing toilet paper wraps. You can also make sleek and stylish toilet roll holder form wooden pallets to give your restroom a charming and elegant look.

Stylish And Attractive Pallet For Toilet Papers

5. Simple Yet Eye Catchy Pallet Towel And Cloth Holder

A rack or holder is an important requirement to keep your towel and to hang your clothes in your restroom. But if you don’t have, no worries. Here is a simple way to make a towel rack or holder with wooden pallets.To make it larger and spacious, you can add some extra storage space with the holder to keep magazines and newspapers as well. Wooden pallets can give a brilliant look to your restroom.

Simple Yet Eye Catchy Pallet Towel And Cloth Holder

6. Wooden Pallet Cosmetic Box For Your Restroom

The most common problem is not finding cosmetics when you need them because you didn’t keep them in right place properly after using it. Also managing all the makeup products and keeping them properly is indeed a very difficult task. But with the help of pallets, you can easily manage all your important cosmetics by making a cosmetic storage box.This will help you to find the right thing at the right time.It can be a single storage box or multiple boxes,depending upon your requirement.

Wooden Pallet Cosmetic Box For Your Restroom

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