7 Best Coffee Table Styling Ideas

This is the predominant piece of furniture in your living room; this is the place that witnesses candid as well as candyfloss conversation. Such is the versatility and charm of coffee tables that you simply cannot omit them from the living area. There is no reason why one should not go to lengths in ensuring that their coffee table is styled to perfection. A lot of elements come into play to curate coffee tables. The first thing that comes to mind is the color scheme in use, serving tray and the length of the table.

Here Are 7 Best Coffee Table Styling Ideas

1. Tray For Large Coffee Tables

This is the best way to make the awkwardly large table look smaller. Trays in the center of the coffee table segregates the more delicate items of decoration like flower vases and ash trays. It comes in handy for those who have antique pieces on display. In case of selecting trays, oval shaped ones work best for every table.
Tray For Large Coffee Tables

2. Use Antique Items

Coffee tables can be beautified with objects related to history and archaeology. The decoration finesse achieves a new high by placing a simple sand clock or a horn magnifying glass. It invokes curiosity too. Apart from antique items, porcelain animal showpieces can also accentuate your coffee table.
Use Antique Items

3. Flower Vases

The age old go-to accessory for styling coffee tables, cylindrical flower vases can be your low maintenance coffee table styling solution. It may relieve the mums of mischievous preschoolers as they are after literally everything! A tip- instead of flower vases, try adding flavor of art and craft by using self painted bottles.
Flower Vases

4. Pair Of African Drum Tables

Two small African drum may be small in size but never short in space. Its portability and less weight keeps you out of stomping your feet. Whether it is luxurious sofa or a pair of tables, versatility is what makes the styling of African drum coffee tables stand out.
Pair Of African Drum Tables

5. Styling With Lanterns

This can certainly pump up the party mood with contemporary feel. Oversized lanterns are lesser known and used styling accessory. They simply look perfect on coffee tables that have ethnic design or material on display, let’s say wicker table.
Styling With Lanterns

6. Book Base

The books have been positioned in the corner of the table for years now. It’s about time you brought them in the center stage. How? Position the books all across the table in a grid. This way, you manage to put a blanket cover on your glass top coffee table. Coffee table books are not readily available in the market and rightly so. Use the darn books that you have not been reading. That’s it.
Book Base

7. Candlesticks

Not just for dinner tables; you should use candlesticks for styling coffee tables as well. Candlesticks stationed near a neat tray add to the mood of a cozy evening. Want more of it because you have a large table? It is highly suggested that you put few barware and cocktail components.

Just remember styling complements the best of quality. Spare some thought to durable variants of wood like oak wood, pine wood and maple wood for your coffee table. Almost all the wood types mentioned above can withstand staining and scratches. Just try the above mentioned ideas and see the difference in the look of your coffee table.

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