7 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Wood Stain

Wood stains are one of the best ideas to decorate your furniture. They completely give a makeover to the furniture or the articles and help you gain appreciation. Though this art of designing requires lot of patience it completely helps in improving the texture and creating designs on the normal plain wooden boards or furniture. Wood stains enhance the beauty of the furniture and brings out the potential beauty of it. Wood stains highlight the furniture and can give any sort of transformation ranging from rustic look to contemporary look. However it is important to apply the right stain to get the beautiful look.

Here Is A List Of 7 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Wood Stain

1. Using Wood Stain On Table

Adding wooden stains to your furniture helps in enhancing the beauty of the wooden furniture. You can try staining different designs on the bare wooden furniture which will is a great home decor idea with less cost. For example, you can get a floral artwork done on your table that will give a beautiful look to your ordinary table. This idea not only makes your furniture beautiful but also unique. This idea gives your furniture a new look and will help your furniture gain attention and appreciation.

Using Wood Stain On Table

2. Wood Stained World Map

You can modify a plain wooden board into a beautiful artwork by staining it and transforming it a world map. This not only makes an outstanding piece in your house but is also very informative to your children. This exclusive artwork when placed on a plain wall will completely change the look and give your wall an amazing look. You can also try shading with the wood stains that will help you in probably highlighting your nation in the world map. You can also use various strokes and techniques that will help in giving your artwork an artistic look. The artwork on wooden boards is not limited to a world map in fact you can try sketching your favorite characters or persons if you are good at sketching. You can also try sketching a person’s face on a wooden board highlight it using wood stains and gift him. So the stained wood boards form a great gifting idea. If you want a greater detailing try using common items like tea, coffee or vinegar as stains.
Wood Stained World Map

3. Wall Art Using Wood Stains

Using wood stains as wall arts is a great idea that adds dramatized transformation to your house. You can try staining one wall using the wood stains and try shading it. You can make a variety of designs using wood stains on the wall. You can experiment with various designs like the dots, lines or even squares that will make your wall unique and definitely will highlight your house. If you don’t just want to limit the work to dots and lines you can also add few designs like flowers, musical instruments or even a landscape. You can adjust the lighting on that wall to give it a splendid look.
Wall Art Using Wood Stains

4. Stained Wooden Trough Looks

All of us are familiar with wooden troughs. We can try adding wood stains to the exterior of the trough to give it an amazing look. You can try using a darker wood stain if the wood used is light colored. You can also try to create various patterns on the trough that will help you make it a special one. The best part about the wooden troughs is that they are pretty simple to make.
Stained Wooden Trough Looks

5. Wood Stained Wooden Tray

A wooden tray is something pretty common in our houses. Try making it very unique and special using the walnut stains. Using a walnut stain on a tray will give it an exclusive look of old times. You can give it an antique look by using the walnut stain. Try using different stains to achieve both contemporary as well as rustic look.

Wood Stained Wooden Tray

6. Rustic Stained Wooden Clock

Normal wooden clocks give your wall a subtle look. Try staining the wooden clock using wood stains to get a rustic look. You can always choose your own pattern to get the look. Try experimenting with shades that will help in highlighting the clock. This will definitely make the stained wooden clock a centre of attraction in your house and help you gain lot of appreciation.
Rustic Stained Wooden Clock

7. Stained Wooden Frame

Wooden frames are also pretty common. Try making your frame a unique piece of art using the wood stains. You can use the natural and effective wood stains to highlight the frame.

Stained Wooden Frame

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