7 Beautiful Ways Of Decorating Walls Of Living Room

Drawing room or living room is the mirror of your house. This is the place where you stay most of the time of your home stay, guests sit in this room. This room should be well decorated and it should represent your personality and imagination. The walls are like canvas. If you have a large blank wall, you can put lots of ideas and imagination on it. You can make it attractive as well as sophisticated.

Here Are 7 Beautiful Ways Of Decorating Walls Of Living Room

1. Fabric Wall

Fabric can make wonder on your walls. It can change your décor of the room entirely. Fabric wall gives you complete freedom to design according to your imagination. So, get ready with paint brush and fabric colour and start rolling the brush to explore your imagination to give a completely new look to the wall and make it something unique.

Fabric Wall

2. Graphics In Scrap Wood

First of all, you just draw a graphic design with several colours. Then find two pieces of scrap wood in same shape. Paste two wood pieces in the upper portion and at the end of the graphic design paper. Make it like a wall hanging. You can make as many as design you can. Hang this wall hanging side by side to look great.

Graphics In Scrap Wood

3. Picture Framed Wall

You don’t have to be an artist or photographer to décor your wall. You can collect one large picture frame from your nearest store and colour it according to your choice or hang it as it is. You can also select two or more picture frames with some large piece of art. This way you will give the wall a different look. You can select the pictures in same theme or you can put your own drawing on the wall. Just apply your imagination.

Picture Framed Wall

4. Soothing Collage

This design is perfect for the soothing and calming effect. You can decorate your one wall of the living room with several frames with nature theme pictures. Select those frames in different size and colour. Hang them with old trouser belts and other clothes rope. This will be definitely an out of the box experiment.

Soothing Collage

5. Accessories Wall

This is a unique and useful idea to decorate the wall. Hang your various kinds of old and new hand bags on the wall. Handbags should be in various shapes and colours. You can decorate the wall with your existing collection of bags. You don’t need to buy anything extra to decorate the wall.

Accessories Wall

6. Design On Wood Slices

Take a vertical long wooden frame which has some wooden slices in various shapes. Colour these wooden slices with your imagination. It can be graphic design or something else. You can select some different shapes and design for this artistic effect. Just to make it different add contrast colour of your wall. But, it is always better to choose multi-colour for this kind of art work.

Design On Wood Slices

7. Washi Tape Designer Wall

Use your Washi tape in designing your wall. Think about a design and make it on the wall with Washi tape. Make the design all over the wall. Do the measurement so that you can avoid the recreation of the design. This way you will create an awesome designer wall with very calming effect. Try several designs on the wall. Imagine it as a plain canvas.

Washi Tape Designer Wall

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