7 Bathroom Bettering Ideas

The bathroom is significant like the bedroom. It also requires some design and some decoration. You will not love to use a white paint bathroom with white accessories or any dark colour wall with unmatched bathtub and basin. A bathroom should be neat and clean and decorated. It should be attractive. You can use your taste to decorate it. There is a lot that you can do with the bathroom walls. Just you need to polish your imagination. There are thousands of ideas that you can find from various sources. We are going to share some ideas that can help you to make your bathroom better.

Here Are 7 Bathroom Bettering Ideas

1. Paint Your Wall

Use your colourful mind and imaginary quality when you are going to decorate your bathroom. You can paint your bathroom with some bold colour. As the shower curtain in a bold colour, do some colourful art on the wall or use the wall collage. It should be colourful and happening. You can use different wallpapers with designs. Always try to keep the ceiling in white colour. You can also paint your wall with wild imagination. The entire design is up to you and your choice.

Paint Your Wall

2. Make The Fixtures New

If you can’t change the fixtures and accessories of the bathroom right then no worry. You can use some tricks to make it shiny and look good. Try to make some changes that you can do by your own or else take help from others. When you will get the chance, you just make the changes according to your convenience.

Make The Fixtures New

3. Tile Floor

You can choose your floor tiles like the wall of the bathroom. You can go for the latest trend black and white bathroom tiles. If you are comfortable then choose some other interesting tiles. Bathroom tiles are very important part of the place. You can choose the tiles according to the decoration of the wall.
Tile Floor

4. Mirror Effect

A mirror can do a wonderful magic. Use a large mirror on the wall of the bathroom. It will be great if you can fix the mirror on the opposite of the light or the bathroom window. This trick will make your bathroom more spacious than usual. In fact, the mirror will look good on the wall. You can also design your bathroom with different shapes and size mirror. It will be a unique, but fabulous idea.

Mirror Effect

5. Wall Hang Toilet

If you have a small bathroom then this is the best idea. Hang the basin, toilet on the wall. Make small hanging arrangement in the shower area. This way you will save some space in the bathroom and your bathroom will look smart. You can check some other hanging ideas from different sources. A wall hanging toilet is a very common idea in the small bathroom. But it is fruitful all the time.

Wall Hang Toilet

6. Bathroom Shelves

You can fix shelves on the wall just beside the toilet. Make them thin but lengthy. You can put your extra toilet paper, tissues, soaps, towels, cleaning items and some beautiful pots for decorating. That way you will get some space to keep important things and you can design the bathroom with placing different colourful jars or some glass pots.

Bathroom Shelves

7. Small Bathtub

If you have a need of the bathtub and your bathroom size is smaller, then try for small one. You just fix the bathtub in small size at the end of the bathroom to fix it perfectly. You can find small bathtub. These are not too small. This way you will keep your desire and your bathroom will look spacious.

Small Bathtub

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