7 Back Porch Ideas And Designs For Small Homes

The back porch is the ideal place for sitting alone or enjoying with pals. You can also arrange tea party or celebrate a small occasion at the back porch. But you need to make that place happening and attractive with comfortable seating arrangement and decoration. May be you have one or maybe you want to create one, whatever the situation you just need some really creative ideas to follow.

Here Are 7 Back Porch Ideas And Designs For Small Homes

1. Raise Porch

Porches can be built with concrete or wood or tiles. It can be levelled with the rest of the yard. A small shade with a raised porch is common. You have to fix stairs and railing. Decide on which side you want to build the stairs. You have to decide whether you are covering the porch full or half because the full covered porch can block the sunlight. Secondly, what kind of light you are using to lighten up the porch.

Raise Porch

2. Paver Stone Porch

Do you love your backyard space? Is it best? Then don’t go for the raised one. In fact, transform your existing yard into the porch. First of all, place some stone pavers on the grass. You can choose some special shape or just place it as you like to. When your stone paver porch gets ready, and then designs the area with beautiful plants, colourful flowers and planters. Place a bistro table, chairs in the middle of the porch and lighten up with candles or wire lights.

Paver Stone Porch

3. Wood Porch With Curtain

May be your wooden porch is not large then don’t add any wall. Instead of a wall use a thick curtain which can make the place cozy and separate from the rest of the yard. When you need some extra space open the curtain. Place some colourful flowers and planters in the corner railing with nice furniture, bright colour cushion and the beautiful curtain.

Wood Porch With Curtain

4. White Small Porch

White back porch is the addition part of the home. You can paint it white with some neutral colour effect. Add a rug which is also in neutral colour. The same colour effect will create an illusion and make the space larger than it is. Arrange a few planters and place it well with minimal furniture. Just a small rounded table with two chairs. You can make the place special with hanging a candle chandelier.

White Small Porch

5. Stylish Porch With Benches

If you have a small backyard porch then make it more natural to enlarge the space. Remove table chairs and use the existing benches as the seat. Place a long rug and place some colourful pillows, Use a low height table. Decorate the place with planters and colourful flowers. This way you will make the place look spacious with a nice homely seating arrangement in between lots of green.

Stylish Porch With Benches

6. Extra Arch Room Porch

This is an idea of adding an extra room to your home as the porch. Build an arch to make this porch. You can raise the deck or you can make it directly on the paved area. It is an ideal structure to make a room like a porch. It has three railing sides, four pillars with an arch just like a room. You can decorate this room with flowers, planters, and wire lights and outside hanging lights.

Extra Arch Room Porch

7. Covered Back Porch

You can transform your covered backyard as the porch. Decorate it with some hanging planters and then arrange table chairs. Sunlight is the prime source of light during the day and in the evening you can hang some lanterns or mason jars lighting for decoration.

Covered Back Porch

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