7 Awesome Layouts That Will Make Your Small Bathroom More Usable

With the ever increasing population, the need for homes has become a necessity. Another problem arising out from the same is that due to increasing number of homes, the shortage of space is a common scenario and the bathrooms are the first to be decreased in size. Nevertheless, there are a few hacks and tricks that will allow you to build a washroom that may not be huge in size but at the same time it will give you the image that it will serve the purpose as per your requirement.

Some Of The Layouts Are As Discussed Below:

1. The Street

If you have a narrow bathroom, plan the sink, pot and the bath area one after the other. The bathroom area can be separated by a partition to give you the space for a bath. Furthermore, due to shortage of space, try having sliding cupboards on top rather than on the side walls to give you extra storage space as well.

The Street

2. Small 3rd Quarter

Well this one would solve your problem even if you have 36 sq. feet of space. The shower will not get a lot of space in a 6×6 but a small cabin would be enough and let the sink and the pot face opposite to each other, thereby making some space in the center as well.

Small 3rd Quarter

3. The Pack Mass

Of course you want to make the most out of each and every inch available and in an area of 40 sq. feet, here is one for you. Plan your seat and the shower/tub close to each other and the sink facing either of the two. Preferably a tub would be ideal, as it wouldn’t allow a small area to be wet after all.

The Pack Mass

4. The Attached Peeps

To save the problem of space let the shower area and the sink be attached to each other. Firstly by this, the shower area can be made larger than you imagined and secondly, the pot can come opposite the sink. The area underneath the sin can be used to store products and articles of daily use.

The Attached Peeps

5. Half Bathroom

With the space less than 25 sq. feet, you can always consider the half bathroom i.e. containing only a sink and a seat. No wonder your desire would drive you to carve out more space but do not hesitate. Use a sink faucet converter which can do double the duty by adding a shower option with you. The only pain you might have to grow through is by digging in a hole to let the water out.

Half Bathroom

6. Shower-Cum-Tub

Yes this option is also available to you. In a small washroom you can have these two side by side and the seat and the sink either adjacent to each other or in opposite directions. On this note, to save space, consider using a sliding door rather than a swing door that would allow you to make some area for dressing and undressing.


7. The Triangle

A shape that most of you wouldn’t want but if you come across the same, you have the option of letting out all the three in 3 different corners. Have the sink and the shower and the seat all 3 in different directions and therefore you will be in a state of having large space in between the same. You can always use the underneath section of the sink to keep hold of articles required in the washroom.

The Triangle

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