7 Awesome Ideas To Clutter Free Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is the place where we spend an almost half time of the day. We all love to have a clutter free kitchen but it is a challenge for many among us. We all want to have properly managed the hassle free kitchen in our house.  You can follow a few very facile and uncomplicated procedures that we can apply inside our homes to aid the kitchen countertops remain clutter free.

1. Don’t Store Appliances On The Counters:

When you keep your gadgets on the countertops it naturally appears cluttered and untidy. When the countertops appear strewed you tend to persist to keep things down and crowd them all the more. Keep only minimum number of appliances and cache the vestige away in the cupboards or cabinets provided in the room.

2. Only Keep The Absolute Necessities On The Counters:

Keep the knife in abeyance. It can be put away in a draw but if there are inquisitive kids in the house that dig draws you have to be careful and keep it in a case or holder far from the reach of a child. You may keep most of the kitchen aids in cupboards and cabinets. In that way you can keep the countertops clutter-free.

Absolute Necessities

3. Put Away Dirty Dishes In The Dishwasher Immediately:

Dirty dishes in the kitchen look most messy and cluttered when they are left on the counter tops. If you manage to clean them and finish off every morning and evening your countertops will look as good as new. Instead of piling up the dirty dishes on the counter top it is best to rinse off and feed them into the dishwasher.

Dirty Dishes

4. Keep Decorations To A Minimum:

Though you may love to have a money plant or a shrub in your kitchen see if you can find space for it on the window sill or you can hang it on the window grill so that you have enough space for the required appliances on the countertops and do not find more things to give it a cluttered look. If your counter is filled up look around and put them away into cabinets and cupboards to give your kitchen a clutter free appearance.


5. Keep A Central Location For Papers And Mail:

You can have a wall file that is stored on the wall in the kitchen. You may keep paper tissues or lunch coupons there where it is easily accessible and not look bad. It is a good idea because it won’t clutter your countertop. Keep the mail and give it to the concerned person and have designated slots for them. Sort them out every day and throw the unnecessary ones and stale ones into the bin and keep your counter free of clutter.


6. Create A Designated Spot For Regularly Used Items:

You keep a designated slot for the items that need to be taken out and used in your kitchen so that you can put them safely after use. This must be done diligently every day after use. You can provide slots for your cook books. Have a clutter free countertop that is the dream of every homemaker.

Designated Spot

7. Start Fresh Each Night:

Clean up your kitchen every night so that you may have a clean and sparkling space to start cooking for your family the next morning fresh and fragrant. Ensure that you leave everything in its place that is provided and leave no thing on the counter top where it does not belong. When you clean up every night before going to sleep you make the kitchen ready for yourself for a fresh start. What can be more welcome than a clean start in your kitchen?

Designated Spot

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