7 Awesome Boho Chic Ideas For Decorating Small Apartments And House

Boho-chic designing is a way by which you can express your inner hippie to the world. This is a style influenced by both hippie and bohemian flairs. It could be a mixture of colors, organic or a folk like detailed pieces. This kind of style is associated with artists, intellectuals and writers. Originating in France around the French Revolution, the people wore lose and torn clothes (but colorful) as a result of poverty and as a result, people started to live like nomadic tribes. The homes can have a boho-chic touch to it as well.

Here Are 7 Awesome Boho Chic Ideas For Decorating Small Apartments And House

1. Colorful Lanterns

The first on the list, these look best where there is insufficient light. Even though the lanterns are colorful, they are not bright as the colorful layer (paint of paper) does not allow light to pass through. During the day time, these look astonishing if put together collectively.

Colorful Lanterns

2. Heavy Colored Walls

Don’t be wary of applying bold colors to the walls. Boho-chic theme is founded on deep colors and adding other patches of colors would complement the same. Adding bold and dark colors would definitely make you think as if you were in a Mexico street; the people there primarily follow the Bohemian style.

Heavy Colored Walls

3. Dim Lights Or Bulbs

Adding to the hippie look, dim lights or bulbs would lighten the room enough to look at objects around. A café having the similar type of decorations would have very diminishing amount of light, and probably attached inside the lanterns. Although the lights are dim, to get the most out of them, having colored lights (but dim) would just fit perfectly into the scene.

Dim Lights Or Bulbs

4. Colored Cupboards

Having deep colored cupboards is another way to bring your inner hippie out. Usually in this case, the colored cupboard is made of wood with peculiar handles and designs to give the bohemian look.

Colored Cupboards

5. Colorful Indoor Flowers

Nomad people were always in search of food and shelter. The ideal place for them was in a vicinity where a lot of flowers and plants. Secondly, hippies are nature and peace lovers therefore, not having flowers can’t be any different to their lifestyle. Consequently, in a boho-chic style of homes, colored flower in small pots or vases are likely to be present. For the same reasons, having colorful vases or pots is also must, let not different colors stop you, let them be dissimilar.

Colorful Indoor Flowers

6. Colorful Furniture

Where everything is colorful, let the furniture also speak for itself. Considering the fact that the furniture is paint friendly, having colorful cushions would look lovely. Having beds with beautiful shades with different colors would also be in interest of people looking for similar kind of themes.

Colorful Furniture

7. Paintings

No let us not be unable to call to mind the paintings on the wall. No one in this world would deny the fact that having some wall hanging would be something that you don’t want to miss out while designing your home or apartment in a boho-chic theme. In India, the most famous photos include that of Lord Shiva or Jesus Christ. A dim blue light shining on the photo is just the most trippy thing that a hippie would look forward to having it in his room.


The above mentioned boho chic ideas are totally incredible and will surly give a unique look to your house.

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