7 Amazing And Convenient Features Of Laundry


Laundries are one of the important activity counter required in every house to clean our regular used dirty clothes, it makes are work easier because mostly all required things for the purpose are kept in one room, the washing drying and then ironing of the clothes can be completed at a time in one place saving the energy and time together. Various house have various types of laundries depending upon the amount of space they have to provide for a laundry, it can be made from a larger to a smaller space

1. Large Space Laundry:

The laundry if spacious enough can be differentiated into two part with a wall, placing the washing machines placed in both the places, few washed cloths and cleaning brushes can be kept there, spacious laundries are found in a huge house with greater numbers of family members. The space can provide a good area for the cloths to dry and store it easily in the room. The laundry room may not be covered by any separating wall for making it spacious and workable.

Large Space Laundry

2. Cabinets:

Vertical spaces with less accommodation of the things may cause difficulties in storing of the laundry utilities and accessories, so the free walls may be built with cabinets of various sizes to store the things, the cabinets may also provide you with a small laundry and a good amount of storage. The washing machine set may be also placed in vertical manner by which you may also find out some space making a comfortable space for sitting and to relax after your hard work.


3. Clothes Hanging Space:

It is very important to hang your clothes after a wash in order to get the clothes dried up in the fresh air just before ironing, the space in the laundry room will make your work easier, so after providing  the space for the storage and the washing machine, it is required to have a cloth hanging zone especially during the rainy days. The cloths can be fully dried after the draining of the water from the clothes, after which ironing of the clothes become easier at one slot.

Clothes Hanging Space

4.  Small Laundry:

Extremely small space where the place is provided with the washing zone, drying zone and folding zone with a few storage space to keep the required accessories required for washing. The laundry space can be made in any small space within your house. The hanging of the clothes and placing of the folded clothes may not be possible due to the lack of the space, but a perfect idea to  have a tiny laundry to make your work of washing easier, separate the area by a different color scheme on the walls and the cabinets and with the indicators to make the work less clumsy and faster.

5. Less Width With Depth Laundry:

It is often found in many houses that the rooms have a less width and a greater depth, the space can be utilized as a pantry and laundry together, the laundry on one side with the washing machines and cabinets on one side, pantry cabinets and shelves on the other side. The pantry can be of L shaped counter top or one single counter top depending upon how much of space do you require along with the priority of the work and space necessary for the purpose. The laundry and pantry together sometimes makes your ob easier as you can prepare your food and wash your clothes together while saving a lots of time and with less hard work.

Less Width With Depth Laundry

6. Wash Place:

Laundries provided with the wash place for the clothes, the wash place is made to wash the clothes specially with stubborn grease or any other for of dirt removing of which is not easy in the machine, so washing of them in the wash space, some times washing of utensils when your kitchen is busy can be carried out here, saving your time, it is provided where the room is big enough, storage space along with the hanging space for the clothes should also be provided but keeping in mind that the space is properly ventilated with sufficient amount of supply of air.

Wash Place

7. Laundry Nook:

A small nook present within your house where a washing machine can be placed with one or two small  cabinets, accessories are kept for washing, the clothes are simply washed and taken out for the proper drying and ironing purpose to some other part of your house as the space is not sufficient enough for the ironing of the clothes.

Laundry Nook


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